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Stiletto - XX/05/07 - Chase



I really have to stop punting and wish I was banned from all of these places.


I went to see Chase and she was well worth the money. She's a 'brunette' now according to the website. When I saw her, I thought her hair looked more black to me. Her hair hangs a bit past her shoulders. She looks young - the website says she's 19 but she's actually in her early 20s. The photos are very representative of what she looks like - I was very impressed.


She has a shy quality about her but is still able to hold a good conversation. She still provides a wonderful service. Very enthusiastic CBJ. Up for any positions and allows oral with a dam.


I really enjoyed my time with her. Able to go twice in an hour.

Amazing legs - perky breats and responsive nipples. She smelled so wonderful as well.


Treat her well if you decide to go see her.



Chase really lost her appeal once she had implants.

She seemed increasingly distant towards sex. She had a kid before but you would never know that. Same with Abby. Had a kid as well and you could not tell.

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