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Private (VIC) - 09/03/10 - Simply Bliss

Floppie (fka Hardon)


I only noticed the recent reviews of Simply Bliss having missed the earlier ones. Sounded like a must have experience as I am very much into the touch and tease encounter.


PM'd SB last week to see if she would have me as a client. She answered in the affirmative and today the stars lined up for me when I finished work early and on the spur of the moment checked SB's availability - there was a opening in the late over.


Arrived at the appointed time and was meet by the lovely smile of SB. She led me to the Room of Bliss which is beautifully set up with a proper massage table, the aroma of essential oils, soft relaxing music and dimly lit.


SB left me to undress and relax for a few minutes before beginning her heavenly onslaught. From the first gentle touch of my left calf muscle SB had me in her spell.


SB's touch was electifying as she massaged my back from head to toe. The voltage was turned up every time she ACCIDENTLY touched my butt and goody bag.


Finally it was time to turn over and be slowly and sensually lead down the path of no return to the point of no return.


As others have said after such an intense experience your body is left totally limp and at one with the cosmos.


Thanks SB for BLESSING me with your aquaintance and BLISSING with your warmth, touch and magical powers.


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