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Private(VIC) – 24/3/10 – Hannah Lemieux

Floppie (fka Hardon)


I have lusted after Hannah since first laying eyes on her at a drinks night in early 2009. I found Hannah to be a beautiful and very intelligent young lady who is quietly spoken and has a cheeky twinkle in her eyes and a killer smile.

Subsequent encounters with Hannah at later drinks nights just made me lust more and more for her. Hannah is always immaculately dressed and the centre of attention.

As luck had it Hannah has gone from being unavailable in Victoria to working as an escort in VIC via the Colosseum, hence saving me a drive to Sydney as I was determined to indulge in Hannah’s exotic pleasures/treasures.

Hannah arrived 10 mins after the appointed time, she was dressed in an elegant skirt and very fashionable blue body hugging top. Hannah could have passed as a CEO’s personal assistant (or whatever the title is these days).

You must forgive me if the rest of the story is a bit blurry as I have just finished off the bottle of sparkling cab sav, minus the half glass Hannah had, to help me take the edge off my high and letting me get some sleep.

We sat on the couch to have a bit of a catch up as to what each of us was up to. We sipped some wine and Hannah had a strawberry. Soon we were DFK and gentle stroking each others bodies. Hannah is a sensational kisser, I love the way she sucked my lips. After about 15 minutes of this I suggested we get naked, Hannah agreed and we moved to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom we embraced standing up and continued kissing. I peeled Hannah’s top off and undid her skirt to reveal a beautiful set of white floral lingerie. Hannah removed my shirt and I undid her bra to reveal her lovely full breasts.

I backed Hannah onto the bed and began to kiss, lick and nibble her from head to toe. After a while I removed her panties to reveal her beautiful pussy which shaved/waxed but had a little tuff of hair above it. Hannah also has a little barbell type clit piercing ad I soon found out that heighten her pleasure during DATY if you gentle suck on it.

I think Hannah enjoyed my oral technique if her soft moans, signs and arcing of the back are any indication of pleasure.

After a while Hannah slipped a condom on me and began a lovely oral session on me which included deep throating.

Eventually Hannah stopped this sensual oral torture and climbed on top of me. What followed was a long session of sex in various positions, some toy play, a massage for Hannah before I finally got over the line by hand relief.

YMMV but Hannah’s lips and mine were only separated when I as licking and kissing her gorgeous body and she was doing likewise to me. Hannah is no clock watcher, our session went beyond the two hours I had booked.

Eventually one must awaken from his dream and this happened to me after Hannah kissed me good bye and walked off into the night.

Hence I got stuck into the sparkling red, strawberries and chocolate teddy bears to ease my awakening. Cannot wait until our next rendevous!


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