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Private Escort - December 2010 - Lil Cowgirl Elle



The Sure Thing


blogentry-97-0-17349200-1296729219_thumb.jpg blogentry-97-0-27389000-1296729221_thumb.jpg blogentry-97-0-77107100-1296729223_thumb.jpg blogentry-97-0-61555600-1296729224_thumb.jpg


Phone Number (Please add area code): 0451 116 467

Service Provider's Email (if any): [email protected]elle.com

Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): http://www.lilcowgirlelle.com/

Photos Authenticity: Real, slightly retouched

Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $550

Location where session took place: New South Wales

Session Day: Weekend

Session Time: Evening

Estimated Age: 26 - 30

Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin

Nationality (Leave blank if Australian): United States

Knowledge of English: Very Good

Hair Colour: Blond

Hair Length: Long

Eyes Colour: Brown

Skin Colour: Tanned

Height: Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7"

Body Shape: Athletic

Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8

Estimated Breast Size: DD and above (Extra Large)

Enhanced breasts?: Yes

Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved

Any Tattoos?: Several

Any Piercings?: One or two

Kind of Experience: Sex Buddy Experience

Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)

Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ and CIM (Cum In Mouth)

DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, without a dam

Overall Looks: Attractive

Overall Personality: Lovely

Overall Performance: Fantastic time


I’ve been trying to hook up with Elle since October and when the stars finally aligned, we were able to make it happen. I set-up a 3-hr booking two weeks in advance and she’s agreed to do an outcall to my hotel in the CBD.


I don’t normally arrange multi-hour bookings off the bat but rave reviews of the LCE experience plus positive vibes from our exchange of PM’s and text messages gave me the impression that she’s THE SURE THING.


I was delighted when I opened the door to find Elle casually dressed (as if she was just going out with friends) in a short sexy black summer dress with not a tinge of make-up on as per my request. In her heels, Elle stands nearly 183cms. She has long blonde locks that tumble below her shoulders, an amazing lean and toned body, an attractive face with a perfect tanned complexion, piercing brown eyes and long lustrous lashes, full sensuous lips, and a delicate chin. Her torso is long, and her belly is flat.


After I let her in, she planted a deep kiss on my mouth, it felt moist, passionate and very sensual, and it caused my blood to boil in lust. If that first kiss was to set the tone for the remainder of our time together, it was a good sign that I was going to be spoiled rotten.


Elle pulled something out of her bag and surprised me with a personalised Christmas card with a very lovely message. How thoughtful! How can anybody not fall for this girl?! She also gave me a Christmas gift which will forever remind me of my amazing time with her. Very sexy!


We sat on the couch after I sorted out the business side of things and got to know each other better over a few glasses of white wine and mixed berries. She politely excused herself to freshen up and when she came back the room temperature just got elevated a notch.


Still fully clothed, Elle sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck, pulled me close, started kissing me, lightly at first, but quickly working up to DFK, her tongue darting into my mouth and sucking my lips. She asked me what I wanted to do while she was removing my shirt. I was lost for words and didn’t know what to say. Was that a trick question? I was tempted to reply with “Give me everything you’ve got” but I think Elle knew exactly what I wanted without me saying. She’s very perceptive and I believe she’s done her research and read reviews of my past escapades otherwise she would not have been able to set-up a very sexy and erotic atmosphere to perfection.


Discussion about big, hard fake boobs in one of the PP threads kept me on the edge as I waited for Elle to unveil her most prized asset, the new pair of 10E’s. They didn’t stand out and were hardly noticeable underneath her dress. When she peeled off her clothes halfway to reveal her mounds of pleasure, surprise, surprise – she wasn’t wearing any bra!


I have never seen Elle’s boobies in their natural state but these new pairs were sculpted flawlessly by no less than an artist. I fell in love with them instantly! They were visually stimulating and felt so natural to the touch. She asked me to nibble on one of her pink nipples just to show off how sensitive they were after the enhancement. The moment the tip of my tongue made contact, her nipple instantly hardened and stuck out like a sore thumb. I honestly fought the urge to ask who her surgeon was so that I could thank him personally for his handiwork!


Like a vampire out for blood, I was not able to contain myself. I completely removed her dress, leaving only her red g-string lingerie and black heels on, and devoured Elle’s puppies’ one after the other. Licking and sucking them to her appreciative moans and encouragement. She smelled fantastic all over and I just love her choice of perfume, Armani Code. Her scent drove me wild!


She stroked my lingering erection through the front of my jeans, and unbuttoned my fly as she was sucking on my nipples. She is so sensual and sexy with her approach that everything about her just makes you horny! She pays special attention to nipples like no one I’ve met.


She reached into my boxer brief to free my dick from its restraints. As we kissed, she moaned into my mouth as her hand closed around the shaft of my cock. She dropped to her knees, pulled my undies down, and lightly licked the head of my very excited member. She then proceeded to engulf my cock in her beautiful mouth. She worked my entire length, taking me fully into her mouth, humming and moaning as she bobbed up and down on the shaft. She worked her tongue around and along the shaft, and drawing back until only the head was in her mouth, and creating strong suction on the head.


After a while, I pulled her back to her feet, started another round of DFK before I suggested we retire to the bedroom. As I rid myself of my remaining clothes, Elle lay back on the bed, stretching her long legs, and cupping her breasts as she artfully posed with her g-string and black high heels. I soon joined her and we embraced, kissing and licking one another's lips, necks, and nipples. I was very pleased that Elle’s nipples were very sensitive and responsive to my kisses, licks, and nibbles.


She swiftly moved down the length of my body, and lightly licked the pre-cum from the tip of my erect cock. She then proceeded to give me the most unique blow job I have ever experienced. Her oral skills are unlike any other that I have experienced. I do not usually cum easily or quickly from oral sex, but I was unable to withstand her technique for very long.


She spent a few minutes licking the shaft, then down to the balls, taking one and then the other into her mouth, and massaging them with her tongue. She then moved up and engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth. She then started a quick up and down, twisting, and tongue flicking blowjob with alternating gentle and strong suction technique. It felt absolutely incredible, and I could not stop myself from exploding. I warned her that I was knocking on heaven’s door, she looked at me deeply with those mischievous eyes and took me in deeper. I let loose a torrent of cum, and she sucked me dry and consumed it all. I was literally blown away. My climax was so strong and complete, that I thought I had pulled a muscle!


Just when I thought that Elle has emptied my balls completely, she caught me off guard as she sneaked back to swallow my recovering dick again just seconds after her recent onslaught. I was really very sensitive at that point and I swear my ass rose a foot off from the bed. She was able to extract nearly two more teardrops of cum from my softening cock. Unbelievable! She licked me clean and went to the bathroom to freshen up.


As soon as she got back, we had more wine and some fruits, talked, kissed and rested for a little while before we commenced with round 2. Elle is very engaging, well put together, and fun. I know its pay for play, but she made me feel like she really enjoyed my company. She never once looked at the clock and acted like she was doing anything other than enjoying herself fully, and I appreciated her attitude and desire to make me fully happy.


Since both of us enjoy extended foreplay, it was like a competition for us as we both tried to outplease each other sexually. It was like, I loved what you did back there but I can do better.


She sat on top of me, completely naked on the bed and went on and on rubbing her huge tits on my face and her butt swaying right in front of me, it was amazing. I of course had an instant hard on so, she kneeled before me and gave me a fantastic BBBJ sucking my balls and rubbing my cock all over her face before to proceeding with a mind-blowing deep throat which went on for a while until it was my turn to pleasure her again.


I trailed kisses down from her breasts, across her tummy, down to her beautiful and fragrant shaved pussy. I spent nearly 20mins using my lips and tongue on her pussy, eventually bringing her to a gasping, shaking, leg trembling, back arching climax. I'm never sure if they're real or not, but this one seemed to leave her breathless, and so sensitive around her pussy that she couldn't bear my touch again for several minutes. It sure made me feel like I'd done a good thing.


After we caught our breath, we started exploring each other's bodies again. I suited up and she mounted me in CG, every time she impaled herself on my dick, I had her huge tits right in my mouth, it was really sensational. Over the course of the next 90 minutes or so, we went through a number of positions, cowgirl, mish, mish with legs over my shoulders, spoon, doggy, BBBJ, 69 and multiple courses of DATY.


Elle really felt challenged and was very determined to extract a second load of out of me. She took high ground and engulfed my cock once again but this time she was going for gold. She tried every trick in her WL books and I eventually got there with an assisted HJ finish while we were sucking each others’ tongues out in DFK.


Elle knows what she likes and goes to great effort to find out what you like and how you like it. She is very much into pleasing and truly finding out what you want from the experience. Her No.1 rule -- don’t be shy about asking. With honesty, I found that just about everything I enjoyed was on the menu. She is the complete package, sexy, smart, funny, and she made me feel like there was no where else she’d rather be, and no one else she would rather be with but me.


Elle is a shrine and like all shrines should be remembered and visited frequently.


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