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Stiletto - 25/05/07 - Megan



One of my most favourite fucks at Stiletto. Liked her more when she was a blonde.

Excellent ballwork. She will go for it without you asking.



Saw Megan the other day.

She is a brunette now - was a blonde before.


She's 19, website says her height is 154 cm. Blue eyed and A-cupped - responsive nipples.


She has a pretty face and is very friendly and intelligent.

Athletic body - toned, and very soft skin. Small and tight package.


DATY covered only but will suck your balls in the most pleasurable manner.

Did not kiss on the lips but I did not ask.

Enthusiastic when it comes to sex - very skilled for her age.


A very well spent hour.


Sorry I am not putting too many more details. The experiences I have may vary from person to person so I don't like

to put every step that happened.


She is worth seeing if you want someone young who enjoys sex. And who doesn't?


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