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Private Escort - September 2010 - Gabrielle Kai



A dark horse waiting in the wings




Phone Number (Please add area code): 0450 547 686

Service Provider's Email (if any): [email protected]

PCA Number if known (Victoria only): PCA: 7093XE

Photos Authenticity: 100% Real

Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $450

Location where session took place: Victoria

Incall or Outcall (Leave blank in Victoria): Outcall to your home/hotel

Session Day: Weekend

Session Time: Daytime

Estimated Age: 21 - 25

Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin

Knowledge of English: Very Good

Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Length: Long

Eyes Colour: Hazel

Skin Colour: Pale

Height: Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7"

Body Shape: Athletic

Estimated Body Size: 8 to 10

Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)

Enhanced breasts?: No

Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved

Any Tattoos?: None

Any Piercings?: None

Full Sex Available: Yes

Kind of Experience: Girlfriend Experience

Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)

Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)

DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, without a dam

Extras Charged: No

Overall Looks: Very pretty

Overall Personality: Fun

Overall Performance: Great service


My adventure with this delightful young woman began more than a couple of months before we actually met. My being sidelined with the flu for the most part of August didn’t help at all and just prolonged my anticipation in meeting this rising star of the Melbourne independent escort scene.


Gabrielle popped my radar when I first saw her advertise on Cracker. Her ad (now down) read as follows:



THE REAL DEAL GENTLEMEN: Beautiful brunette, tall, slim and discrete


Top Australian (very young) escort,


In a league of my own, verifiable.


I prefer DISCRETION; and deliver a service which will have you quivering with delight for time to come!


Class, beauty, intelligence, discretion and will make you feel at ease.


I am 20 years old, and looking for an older gentleman to help me out financially; in return I am VERY ATTRACTIVE (you will no doubt agree).



Ex-model, turned university student......


I have a HIGH SEX DRIVE. I enjoy SATISFYING; and offer a NO BS service with no strings attached and an outlet / fantasy / an escape from that which is life.


450 p/h I am able to arrange a rendezvous


Please text me or email me, to avoid disappointment provide as much notice as possible. x x x



I can provide pictures on request.

PCA 7093XE




Gabrielle’s catchy marketing phrases (highlighted in red) lured me in to make a 1hr ($450) 3pm weekend booking. Thanks also to a couple of reviews on another forum, I have been able to keep close tabs and sort of knew what to expect when the stars aligned.


Setting up the date was painless as we traded lots of friendly banter through texts and emails before finally meeting so I definitely felt like I knew her by the time we met face-to-face. I couldn’t believe someone so young could be as interesting and well put together.


A few hours before our date, I received a text from Gabrielle asking if I wanted her to look casual or dressed up. Since she was generous enough to email me a lot of un-blurred face pics and a couple of body shots, I knew that I was expecting no less than a stunner. Not wanting to attract further attention and suspicious stares from my next door neighbors, I requested her to surprise me with something casual.


Gabrielle arrives a little late (parking trouble) and texts “I’m at the gate. Could you come out and pick me up”? I couldn’t control my excitement and nearly tumbled down the flight of stairs as I hurriedly came rushing to meet her. I liked what I saw and I was more than impressed!!!


She looked like she was on her way to workout class wearing a beige hoodie jumper, black tight fitting perfect butt sweatpants and a pair of black Chuck Taylors. She could have easily been mistaken for a hot personal trainer that you often see in those Pilates classes. She didn’t have a tinge of make-up on which to me exudes confidence. IMHO she really doesn’t need any as she has lovely skin tone and I prefer seeing women in their natural state.


She’d be roughly 5’9” – 5’10” tall, creamy white skin, Australian born and raised girl of Central European descent. I have attached some photos (with her approval) so you can appreciate her beauty even more. She mentioned she’ll have professional shots done shortly so I might upload additional photos as they come. As the old saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words.


We sat on the couch, talked for a while and got the business side of things out of the way. After an awkward pause in conversation, our eyes met and I put on this cum-hither look which gave her the cue to start the ball rolling. As she was leaning forward to plant a kiss on my lips, she stopped and said “Do you have any breath mints?” WTF! I just brushed my teeth and gargled heaps of mouthwash! Apparently, it was for her and not for me. This got us both laughing as I pointed her to the direction of the toilet and told her I only had mouthwash available. Don’t get me wrong. Her breath smelled divine with or without the mouthwash. It may just have been a case of rookie jitters as she wanted to feel at her best.


The moment she came back, our lips were instantly locked onto each other. I slowly slipped a tongue in and she responded in kind. The slow build up from LK to DFK really got the blood flowing through my underpants and I was rock hard in no time.


I was so turned on by the kissing and really wanted to get more intimate so I invited her into my room. As we raced towards the bedroom, our clothes flew all over the place as we quickly undressed. With Gabrielle down to a pair of lacy black lingerie, she lay on the bed and with an inviting look pulled me for another round of DFK.


I slowly removed her bra and paid close attention to her magnificent young breasts and her lovely pink nipples. This didn’t last long as she pulled me back up again for some more DFK. I was having a trouble moving southwards as every time I seem to make progress; she pulls me up for DFK. This young woman clearly has a massive DFK fix! This went on until I finally got her to remove her last piece of lingerie revealing a cleanly shaved and moist innie-snatch. I took a deep whiff and just savored that amazing aroma. It smelled better than perfume and made my mouth water instantly. There’s just no better scent than a pussy of a woman in heat! Before she had a chance to pull me back up, I immediately buried my face on her pussy and dined on her like I hadn’t eaten for weeks.


Unlike my usual multi-hour bookings, I only had an hour with Gabrielle and this was unfamiliar territory for me. There were so many things that I had wanted to do with her but I just wasn’t sure just how to pace myself. After indulging in DATY to completion; I only had 15 or so minutes left on the clock.


This didn’t seem to bother her a bit as she proceeded to rid me of my undies. To reward me for my efforts, Gabrielle kissed and licked her way down and slowly engulfed my already eager cock. For someone new to BBBJ, she did more than a respectable job and almost got me over the line had I not stopped her sooner.


She retrieved a condom, rolled it on me and proceeded to lie on her back in preparation for some good old fashioned mish. I spread her legs wide, mounted her and slowly inched my way inside her pussy. She was unbelievably tight, the tightest pussy I’ve had my cock in. I tried to pump my way deeper but was somehow limited further access with her legs locking me out. We moved on to doggy after a while and I was able gain ground in thrusting myself deeper and harder this time.


Feeling that I would have a hard time reaching orgasm in this position, I removed the condom and finished myself off by hand while DFK’ing Gabrielle until I reached a very satisfying climax.


Service-wise, I believe I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. I feel that this young lady has a lot more to offer as we get more comfortable with each other’s company on much longer bookings.


Don’t book her if:


- You’re not used to taking the lead and expect her to do all the work;

- You prefer deep penetration intercourse. I consider myself just average but was only allowed 3/4ths of the way in (She’s very tight);

- You expect a masterful BBBJ skill. She’s just added this repertoire to her service so she’ll need a little guidance on her oral technique to suit your liking;


Do book her if:


- You prefer to spend quality time with an absolute stunner whose face is worthy of gracing the covers of women’s fashion magazines;

- You enjoy the company of a young woman who is very passionate with DFK;

- Your mission in life is to pleasure a very responsive woman who loves to be on the receiving end of DATY and has an insatiable appetite to get-off at every opportunity;


Budget permitting, I hope to see her as often as I can and watch her develop into one of Melbourne’s best escorts (fingers-crossed she doesn’t get any crazy ideas and make the move to Sydney anytime soon).


With the right mindset and attitude, she could make a killing in this industry.


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