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Stiletto - xx/12/08 - Lu-Lu



After reading all the reviews about Lu Lu I decided to lift my Stiletto ban and went to meet her at a time she was working.


She was simply amazing. Very professional service.

Her body was magnificent. I cannot speak highly enough about her and she is someone I would definitely see again. I cannot write a review as well as the other blokes have but I can say I can see why she gets all the attention she does.


She's talkative, excellent BJ, loves DATY, great kisser. She is simply everything you want from a session.


I don't like to kiss and tell but if you are going to Stiletto and you like tall blondes with blue eyes you need to book her now.



She was a very vigourous fuck in bed and wanted it hard. Went through many different positions.

I wonder where she is now?




She had replied with this:

Well, there's a surprise! Who are you? Mystery man, eh? Thanks very much for your lovely review. Please give me a little hint so I can try to figure out who you were! I hope I get it before you come next time...


Just for the record, when you guys come and see me I would prefer you tell me that you've read the FIA hype. It's no big deal, just that I am embarrassed about how generous and complimentary you FIA lads can be! I think of myself as a nice normal girl with a good body and pretty enough face. I am a people person. I like meeting new people and I enjoy having sex. Well, I guess we all like sex, that's why we chat about it on this site. Sex is great, healthy, intimate, unselfish, fun and just plain horny! Yummy.


Ok so anyway, mystery man, boringdude666, please give me a hint. I'll be checking the site in case you come and see me again over Christmas. I hope you do! Thanks again for your nice words.





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