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Stiletto - 28/12/07 - Danielle



On Thursday afternoon I visited Cracker.com, and while I was there I saw that a private girl I knew about had put an ad with the possibility of booking her for 30 minutes at $250. While not necessarily cheap it gives you the chance to meet her and if you get along, you can always book her for an hour at $400 at a later stage.




Being the Christmas season and all, not only will I keep her name anonymous, but I will change it for dramatic purposes. Let’s call her Alannah; I emphasize that’s not her real working name though.


Everything I have read about her on other forums is pretty good; the photos look great but there is no way of telling if they are real (one punter described her breasts as natural but in one of those photos they are clearly enhanced)... but I haven't read any horror stories about her. So I looked at the time the ad was placed and it was only a couple of hours old. Despite my telephone phobia, I called her and she answered, I was very polite, she was really friendly and told me that she was free from 7pm. Okay then, I made a 30 min. booking for 7pm. She told me that at the time she was in a shopping centre but that she would text me her address from home at around 5:30pm, which she did. The text included her address minus flat number that I was to request via SMS once I got there.


Had a shower, groomed myself, got an envelope to put the money inside and caught the bus from Paddington towards the city at 6:30pm. As I was in the bus I got a text message from her:


Alannah: "Hi can u c me later 2nite. Ive got a visitor now"


Bummer, if I knew I would've stayed at home a little longer. Anyway I replied:


AndyJ: "Okay, any idea of time?"

Alannah: "8.30ish"


AndyJ: "Fine. I'll be there but text me if u need more time. Cheers"

(Meaning, if you're going to postpone again, let me know well ahead, I may be able to catch a movie)


I kept going to the city and from there I walked to Darling Harbour to kill some time; went to the Imax to see if I would be able to catch Beowulf in 3D but the session started 7:30pm, so that wouldn't be enough time if I was to see Alannah at 8:30.


I kind of enjoyed the walk nonetheless, had some dark iced chocolate, some sushi, even went to an internet cafe to kill the last 30 minutes. At 8:20pm I realised that I have to walk from Liverpool Street to Alannah’s flat, so I decided to hurry. As I was crossing Hyde Park, I get a new SMS:


Alannah: "Can we pls reschedule 2 fri"


Oh, fark!... I'm 5 minutes away from her place. I was going to tell her no but even if she saw me, what's the point of seeing her in a shitty mood. I even thought that if I saw her on Friday, some sense of guilt would force her to give me a better service... okay, so I answered:


AndyJ: "Okay, 7pm alright?"


A few minutes later she answered from another number:


Alannah: "Its alannah fri 7pm gd"

AndyJ: "See u then. Cheers"


On Friday, around 5:30pm I decided to get ready, have a shower, etc. At 6pm, I got this message from her:


Alannah: "Its alannah i have a bad earache. Could u ce me sat at all"


Fuck this!... I replied:


AndyJ: "Unfortunately not. I'll call u in the near future to arrange another time. Get well soon and happy new year."

(Meaning: bye bye)


Alannah: "Ok. X"


So, in the end that’s two days of punting intentions accumulated and I had to find some relief at any of my usual avenues. (However, Beowulf in 3D still presented itself as a good alternative but it was already too late, and any form of hand relief wouldn’t be much appreciated by the Imax patrons! LOL)


Anyway, I left home towards the city with the intention of making up my mind on my way. As I got to the city I saw a bus arriving that was going to Newtown. So, Amore it was. Once in Newtown I still had to walk a fair bit along King Street to arrive there, and as I was walking I realised that Amore wasn’t the right choice for the night and the mood I was in. After observing during two days Alannah’s glamourous pictures, I wanted to shag someone of that calibre. The available line-up at Amore confirmed my fears and I kept going to Stiletto. As ridiculously expensive as that place is, half hour with Victoria works well for me, and I would’ve ended up spending the same considering the fee plus kissing tax.


Unfortunately the lovely Victoria was booked, and my second choice, another Russian called Sasha, got booked by a punter before me. However, there was this other girl I had never seen before called Danielle. In the brief seconds that her intro lasted, she came across as the typical Sydney chick… those that you imagine telling you: “Lay on your tummy for me” as soon as you step out of the shower. But her face was so gorgeous that I didn’t care if she didn’t kiss, if she didn’t allow DATY, if she wanted me to jerk off from the distance. I just didn’t care and informed the receptionist that I wanted Danielle, and as you will see, it certainly wasn’t going to be as bad as imagined.




Danielle has recently reinvented herself; until two weeks ago or so she went under another working name and has been at Stiletto for around six months. She has changed the look of her hair to blond and the overall effect is that of an Emmanuelle Béart lookalike. Just for your knowledge I have bought all DVDs where Emmanuelle appears naked whether I like those films or not. Like Emmanuelle, Danielle has gorgeous big green eyes, she’s also quite voluptuous, everything within a size 10 or 12; natural C or D cups. She also has a round fleshy bum, which she dislikes but that I adored. Her only weak point is her waist, which could be a bit thinner imho. She’s in her early 20s and despite the Stiletto website describes her as European, I’d say that she’s spent most or all of her life here. She does have a very European face though.


Once inside the room, Danielle asked me how long I wanted to stay; so, I asked her if she was going to charge me for extras. She asked me “what sort of extras?”… “well, kissing” I replied. No, she didn’t do that, and as for DATY, I don’t know if it’s on offer as an extra; that’s something I’m not ready to pay extra for and being a 30 minute booking as I decided it to be, I can go straight to the main action anyway.


Danielle got me a drink and we joined in bed. For some reason, I think that Danielle found something funny about me, as in funny ha ha. Great, I used it to my advantage and made her relax with a few jokes. I even managed to steal a few kisses down there but Danielle proved to be ticklish almost everywhere, including down there. By just looking at that face and at her beautiful vagina (it is beautiful indeed and I’ve seen quite a few!), Little AJ joined the party and was ready for action. I just wanted to penetrate those labia and so I did when, after putting a condom on Little AJ, Danielle sat on top. What a sight, that face and those breasts jumping up and down. Now, Danielle does not seem to pretend a single bit, not a single fake moan, but also not a single real moan, so she may not be for everyone; particularly if you want to boost your self-esteem as a fantastic lover. No, Danielle just kept smiling at me (probably wondering why this guy looks at me so much!), and she had the occasional concern about the condom coming out, which to her credit it kept rolling up more than usual during the session, I don’t know why.


After some cowgirl action, we changed to doggy, and I could see the mirror from that position. It is always rewarding to verify that it’s actually you the one shagging such a pretty girl. I happened to see the stupid grin on my face and then I understood why Danielle was smiling too. I tried to wipe the grin out of my face but I couldn’t. We both were in a silly mood. Concerned about the time I asked Danielle to go flat on her tummy for my finishing position, and so I came bouncing on her glorious bum. That’s when I told her how much I liked it and she couldn’t believe it… silly girl! :rolleyes:


During the final shower, I told Danielle about FIA, and she seemed very interested in having a look. We did determine that they weren’t any reviews of her though… well, not until now! :)


Would I see Danielle again? I don’t know; she has her restrictions, so I’d need to be in a very special mood, and while I truly enjoyed my time with her; more than usual, I tell the rest of the world: you mileage may vary.


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