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Allure - 22/12/07 - Jenna



Last week before catching up with Victoria at Stiletto, I dropped by Allure and met a girl who got picked by a punter before me, and so I kept going with the idea of returning soon since she gave me a good vibe during the intro. Her name is Jenna.




Last Saturday, being International Orgasm Day (as if I needed more excuses to shag!), I returned to Allure hoping to meet that lass or maybe another one. When I finally arrived it was very busy indeed. Probably with prices sky-rocketing at Stiletto, Allure is seeing more clients than usual. Unfortunately, the place just doesn’t have the amount of girls nor the amount of rooms to satisfy such demand. It is a great little parlour and if you’ve noticed I’m always giving it a plug, it is because it deserves it. Bookings are taken and always honoured; receptionists are always friendly and helpful, you’re always offered a drink or two; the clock starts ticking when you finish the shower (the girls let reception know via the intercom), so you are not short-changed. Even when some girls do charge extras, there isn’t an institutionalised extras culture across the entire line-up, and you can still have a great time without paying extra money. At the end of each booking, receptionists ask you for feedback. The girls generally are not beauty queens but you do find a hidden gem occasionally… and the hour is now $80 cheaper than Stiletto.


So, on Saturday when I arrived, I only got to meet one girl, while only another two were on shift and punters coming and going by the minute. Albeit friendly, she just wasn’t my cup of tea and when the receptionist informed me that Jenna would be available in half hour, I made the booking and went to a nearby pub to kill the time. It was a booking made solely on a hunch; while young and reasonably attractive, Jenna’s level of service would remain a mystery to me for another 30 minutes.


After a Cooper's Sparkling Ale, the booking time arrived and I returned to Allure, paid with credit card for 45 minutes, was given my Vodka Lemonade to take with me upstairs and Jenna came to fetch me. The usual chit chat, inspection and shower at the end of the corridor. That took only a few minutes and I was back to start with the booking. Jenna remembered seeing me but couldn’t tell when; I let her know that she only had seen me at an intro the other night.




I think that Jenna has inspired her Allure character on Jenna Jameson. She’s around 20, blonde, size 8 with enhanced D-cups, tan all over her body, a fair bit of make-up, a stripper-style tattoo above her butt cheeks. She has pretty green or blue eyes. Her overall look is that of a shaggable blonde chick, and being a blondesexual myself, I was looking forward to having sex with her.


Now, since intro and booking were a few days apart from each other, there was no guarantee about any promises being honoured. There was actually one only thing promised at the intro, and that was “some” kissing. By the time I started undressing Jenna, I noticed that she was avoiding my lips and kept kissing anywhere else. I didn’t feel like reminding her what she said a few nights before and went with the flow. Soon I had Little AJ sliding in between her butt cheeks and holding myself from her enhanced D-cup tits, which was lots of fun anyway. When we moved to the bed, she asked me what side I wanted her to face; I chose up and after some gentle kissing on her nipples. I then started a slow gradual move South of the border, not knowing if that was on the menu. Well, it certainly was and she absolutely loved it. She kept me down there for a very long while, becoming increasingly vocal and encouraging. She would trapped my head with her legs and push my neck forward with her foot.


When she finally came, I asked her if I didn’t deserve some kissing for being so nice to her. She said “Yes, a little”. Strangely, she would just stick her tongue out for some DFK but her lips pretty much would remain out of limits. The penny dropped later when I realised her only concern was probably her lipstick. She then asked me if I wanted her on her tummy for more butt sliding (Has this girl been reading my reviews?), but a bit worried about the time I asked her to start with the oral on me instead.


She grabbed a condom and put it on Little AJ, who was in real party mode (He likes those size 8, young stripper types more than what I actually do). Jenna gave me a good CBJ with some ball licking too and after a bit of that, I asked her to jump on top. She jumped up and down very enthusiastically; I believe that my generous DATY ignited her enthusiasm. She then asked me if I wanted to do some doggy, which was great to do with her firm little derriere. Still concerned about the time, I asked her to lie flat on her tummy for my finishing position which she liked too and therefore took me very little to come.


She then offered to give me a foot massage but I told her to simply relax next to me for some pillow talk. She is a very nice girl and she told me that she had had a great time with me. All in all, not a bad punt at all for the Orgasm International Day. :)


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