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Gateway Club - 15/12/07 - Cindy



I didn't get to much this weekend, other than some tedious paperwork at home, so last night I decided to go out for a punt (and I think it was due to lack of imagination because I wasn't quite in the mood for punting). It was probably a bit late when I put my plan in motion, and in any case I felt like visiting a new parlour. As destiny had it, it was going to be the Gateway Club.




Even when I've never been to this parlour, I thought it was a good plan because if I didn't find anyone there, I could return and stop at Allure, and if that failed too, I could check in at Stiletto for a 30 minute session with Victoria, which is probably what my budget would buy me now that they put their prices up. Notice that all three parlours are on Parramatta Road, being the Gateway Club the most distant one from my place... but until last night I wondered where the hell was it. Petersham is beyond AndyJ's natural habitat, but someone tipped me not long ago that it was not that far from Norton Street, Leichhardt, where I've been literally 1000s times. With that in my mind and the comfort that it was on Parramatta Road, hence easy to find when you know the street number, I got ready and took off.


When I finally realised where the Gateway Club was, I felt compelled to exclaim:




Well, maybe that should be a bit smaller given there's no indication whatsoever of that building being a brothel:




So, that's the Gateway Club?... People, for today's standards, that's Leichhardt, not other strange suburb (no matter what the map says)... I've seen that building 1000s times, and I have probably thought that it was a place for ceremonies, wedding parties, etc. Allure has a suspicious neon light with a 35 on its front, Stiletto their logo at the top of the building... but the Gateway Club, nothing, just a little sign asking you to use the rear entrance. And so I did.


I met two other guys there who had just rung the bell; the receptionist arrived and let us in. When she realised we weren't together, she distributed us around the lounge. It is a nice place, not quite a club concept like The Boardroom, because there are subtle subdivisions in the lounge, but very far from Stiletto where you never get to see the other punters. It is quite spacious and the receptionists were attentive; they offered me a drink while I waited. But the wait was a long one before getting to see any girl (actually I saw a good looking one going up the stairs with a client when I arrived). I guess I was so happy to realise that the Gateway Club's location indeed is part of AndyJ's known world, that I decided to wait, even when many guys kept coming and going in the meantime. That put me first in the line, and fifteen or twenty minutes later the first two girls arrived to say hi.


Cindy caught my attention, she’s a tiny Thai girl with long black hair and a pretty face. (Note to reader: The Gateway Club is not an Asian parlour). Now, it all depended on the Q&A. Cindy asked me if I had any questions and suggested me to discuss any fantasies before booking her. She warned me that she doesn’t do any Greek nor natural oral just in case. I thought that given Cindy’s suggestion, anything other than the basic service would be charged extra. However, it was a good surprise to see that kissing and DATY were included in her service for no extra charge. (However, later she told me that this is entirely at her discretion).




I booked Cindy for one hour and paid her $285 directly to her (more expensive than Allure and Amore, but cheaper than Stiletto). The receptionist brought me another drink to take upstairs with me and Cindy guided me to a nice room; maybe not as spacious as the ones at the Boardroom and at Stiletto, but very clean and comfortable. There was a spa, that we didn’t use (in any case I understand that it costs extra).


I had a shower, and strangely, the health check took place after it; I found it weird that Cindy asked me if I had washed Little AJ well… (Of course I did and hope for a BBBJ was reignited but it wasn’t going to be)… I think Cindy has a few quirks about cleanliness as I observed a bit later. She did have a shower herself after that while I waited in bed.


While in a friendly manner, Cindy had been directing the actions, almost step by step, since we went into the room. Maybe knowing that it was my first time at the Gateway Club, made her think it was my first time at a parlour. I’m not used to that much guidance but at the same time, she wasn’t being rude; on the contrary she was trying to be helpful. A pattern that would continue even during the sex act; we got on well at one level but somehow some sexual chemistry was lacking. She pinned me to the bed and added some baby powder for some body sliding. It didn’t do much for me until I was able to touch her and kiss her. Little AJ began to wake up. She asked me if I wanted to perform some oral in a 69 position, but since the angle is always tricky, I wanted to just go down on her. However, she asked me to give me some oral first. It was a silly decision because she would put a condom on, and then while I’d be giving her oral, Little AJ would be wearing the jacket for nothing. Anyway, I went with the flow. The CBJ was okay but somewhat soft, I couldn’t feel much through the condom; she would look up at you porn style (I’m sure that if the condom wasn’t there, it would’ve been great). When I went down on her, however, she certainly could feel a lot because she had me there for ages and she kept gushing… (who should pay who here?) :)


After she came, she noticed that the condom she had put on me was too small and useless, so we picked another one and she sat on me, not before applying some lubricant to Little AJ… she would keep adding lubricant as the session progressed, which would spoil whatever sensation left remained through the latex. We went through several positions, and due to our difference in size, doggy seemed to work the best. However, being so tiny, I don’t know if she was moaning in pleasure or in pain. Eventually I came, and she cleaned me. She offered to go for a second round, but after I came, any possible amount of lust for her I would’ve had, simply disappeared and I told her to relax and join me for some pillow talk instead.


Cindy is a very nice girl and her company is enjoyable, but I just couldn’t connect with her sexually, I wasn’t able to engage my brain in the sexual act; I felt myself going through the motions; probably like many WLs feel many times.


If you pick Cindy, you may have a better time than what I did (and mind you, probably my fault, not hers). Cindy looks pretty good and her service is very generous when you compare it to that offered by many other girls out there. I will return to the Gateway Club because it looks like a place worth exploring a bit more.


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