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Le Boudoir - 25/11/07 - Jacqueline



No trip to Melbourne is complete for me if I don't visit The Grosvenor. The only problem this time was that my trip wasn't long enough to visit on a Friday or on Monday, and in doing so, catch up with Rebecca, my favourite G-Girl. I only had the weekend, but I've been going to this parlour since the early nineties and I've had a few regulars there throughout the years, so I always visit.




Unfortunately, lately destiny hasn't timed my visits with the sort of girls I'm attracted to. This time the Sunday afternoon line-up consisted of Mia, Cameron, Willow and Claire, the latter already booked for at least 2 hours. I've seen Mia once before, and she was, with Claire out of the equation, the best The G. had to offer me on that day but I just felt like seeing someone new so I kept going.


I decided to discover Barabing's. This time aware that it was the Collingwood end of Johnston Street, and not in Fitzroy. It wasn't hard but there were only two girls (Teresa and Alannah if I remember correctly)… None of them offered full sex service. The receptionist looked rather disappointed that I decided to pass and asked me what sort of girl I was after. Not knowing if it was okay to say that I was after full service, I said that I was after Amber (even when I knew very well she wasn't on)… and just to sound Barrabing's-savvy I added: "Or Sienna!"… I got an unfriendly look back from the receptionist who probably thought who's this smartiepants asking for the prettiest girls of the joint. Not sure why she took it so personally but I left anyway.


Even when I had skipped Le Boudoir before, I decided to return that way and try my luck there. I was greeted by the receptionist, whom I met before but I'm not sure if she remembered me. The penny would drop for her later if I was to claim my FIA discount (which stupidly enough, I didn't in the end). She told me that she had two girls available; Jessica coming out of a booking in a few minutes, and Jacqueline ready to say hi to me. Now, I've been with Jessica and I know she's attractive, so because of that strangely I thought the other girl wasn't going to be, but I was wrong. Jacqueline is a pretty brunette, very pale, mid twenties, C-cups. She's probably a size 12 but still definitely what I'd describe as an attractive woman. Jacqueline did not shake hands with me (I did not extend mine but I found it odd she didn't before me), she came and sat next to me, introduced herself and asked me if I had any questions. She did not attempt to smile either, but later I would come to the conclusion that she was putting on a movie-style sexy character where there was no room for smiles. She said that her service was very sensual… Yeah, I've heard that before, I thought, and so I asked for kissing and DATY. "Only if you're gentle" she replied on both accounts… and since gentle I am I decided to book here despite Jessica becoming available (I didn’t know that would be my last chance to ever see her at LB). Since a few alarms went off during the intro I only booked Jacqueline for 30 minutes, which I would regret later.




We went into the room and after the shower, Jacqueline came back with a drink for me, and she let me undress her next to the bed. Everything she did was very tease-like and I guess that's what she meant by sensual service. Kisses everywhere; from time to time she would let me kiss her mouth but only briefly (do not worry because full DFK was given later but I think she likes to keep everything as a tease before delivering)… and for some reason it got me as horny as hell; the body kissing continued on the bed with us fully naked by now. I went down on her and she was very receptive of it even if in a silent way. I did my best albeit always keeping in mind that it was a 30 minute session. Nevertheless, after a bit more kissing, some soft Spanish, and some teasing, just as she finished putting a condom on Little AJ, the buzzer went off…Damn!… are you kidding me?… am I so out of touch with half hour bookings?… In any case the first words that came out of my mouth were: "Can we extend please?"… and so I left the money under the door for the receptionist to pick it up and we continued after Jacqueline talked to her.


With that out of the way, basically she sat on me and I came. Her teasing had managed to make me very horny. Chances are that if we had continued a couple of minutes when they rang the buzzer (presumably 10 minutes before shower time), I wouldn't have had to extend. Quite an expensive punt given that I ended up paying for two half hour sessions instead of one hour and I didn't ask for the FIA discount. However, I don't regret meeting Jacqueline since it would've been unlikely if there was another girl who gave a better intro than her. Mind you, even up to that stage, I had not seen Jacqueline smile, but I saw that it was part of the overall service. Maybe she believed that smiling would take away from her sexiness.


Since I was still horny (and to make the best out of my booking) I kept conversation to a minimum and went for a second round. By now, fully acquainted with each other, DFK was predominant. In any case I turned around and proceeded to slide Little AJ in between her butt cheeks; and soon decided to go for the condom and do a bit of exercise given we still had time. After a bit of covered oral (mind you that oral did not take place on me the first time), we continued with missionary, doggy and caterpillar until I came again.


We even got to have a little chat before the end of the second session, and that's was the only moment when Jacqueline got out of character and smiled after I told her how serious she was. She had only been working for a week when I saw her. It actually showed that Jacqueline was new to the industry in a few instances but her teasing femme fatale character was quite successful with me. I hope that by now she’s ready to be confronted with the world of Internet reviews because I’ve been holding on this one for a little while. :)


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