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Boardroom - 24/11/07 - Asia



A few weeks ago while in Melbourne, I went to the Boardroom on a Saturday night.




I got the tram, got off at the domain and walked past The Harem with the certainty I was going to find the Boardroom just around the corner… after all, most reviews locate it somewhere there. Melbourne guys, join the dots and have a laugh at my expense because eventually I found it, not before returning to the city on foot, getting the tram and getting off again at the Domain to try again! (Someone told me that in Melbourne there are these cars they call taxis, I may try them one day!). :rolleyes:


I think it was near midnight when I walked through the door and I found a group of Chinese men and no girls. They were all booked by the remaining of that group who were upstairs. As soon as any girl became available, one of those men would grab her attention and do all the talking and negotiating on behalf of the others who were still waiting to get laid. It was quite a surreal and funny experience to observe. Naturally, one or two girls became free but the pretty ones not only were booked but they have to wait for a room to become available as there were more girls than rooms.


In the meantime, a young man of Mediterranean appearance sat next to me and started chatting. He was about to get married, so that was his last bit of fun before the big night. It did not look like the right place for that but he managed to book a girl of his liking well before I got anywhere near a room. In fact I was still warming up my chair when he finished and he even came to say goodbye and that he hoped to see me at his Kebab place.


A nice blondie called Madeleine or Marilyn or something like that, saw that I looked at her with lustful eyes. She came and say hi but apologised that she had been booked for one hour by a regular. Damn!… she was cute. Something very similar happened with another blonde but her booking was only 45 minutes long plus room waiting time, that in the end worked out to be like 10 or 15 minutes. I saw the guy who booked her, which is always off-putting, I even saw him when he left which is even more off-putting, but Asia, as that was her unlikely name, was a bit more aggressive with her tactic. While they were waiting for a room, she basically spent all the time with me, she brought me a coffee to keep me awake, and left the other guy on his own. If it was the other way around, I've would have been pissed off, but since I was in the lucky side of things this time, I decided to book her despite the wait.




Unless Asia was going to completely flip once inside the room, I was certain that I was up for a good time, even when I was also certain that she was going hit me for extra money for the "deluxe" service, so instead of one hour, I booked for 45 minutes. Now, I regard as positive that the Boardroom has included the extras as a maximum of $50 on their price list. I think it says normally $30, maximum $50. That way you know, that you can pick a young attractive girl who will DFK and let you go down on her and you still know she won't try to charge you extra for each of those things and others. Maybe coming from Sydney, I'm still able to see that in a good light by comparison, and particularly so when you have a look at Asia. She's 19, a size 6 or 8, tallish, catwalk model kind of body with A cups, blonde, blue eyes and a pretty face. For Sydney guys, she's a kind of Mercedes from Stiletto, only younger and probably prettier too.


When the time arrived and Asia took me to the room, she did hit me for extras, gave her the money and had a shower. When I finished we started pashing, and God!… those lips are so great. Fantastic pashing.


We moved to the bed and I decided to go down on her. She was really receptive and she even had one or two requests… (I like getting feedback!). It was great to look up and see the rest of that fine young body. She got very wet but I think she didn't want to climax as she said "Thank you" at some stage as a form of cue. It had been long enough, so I went up and we kissed again until she decided to return the favour. She put a condom on and gave me the best CBJ I've had in ages with pornstar glances at me.


She then jumped on top and jumped like the best of cheerleaders. I try to hold it until at least changing to another position but I couldn't, she was so tight and hot that I came with her doing cowboy. There was still time but probably not enough to go a second time. In retrospect I wish I had booked the full hour. So we had a fair bit of pillow talk. She offered a massage but I was happy with the chat. She only works when she feels like it, so she has no fixed nights… she just shows up, so the website won't help you much either. If you can be bothered calling I highly recommend her if young blondes are your thing.


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