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FKK Artemis (Berlin) - November 2007 - Alicia, Jana, Martina & Vikka



I did my homework before flying to Berlin; I checked that it wasn't a "Gay Night" at FKK Artemis, since sometimes they organise them; I checked how to go from Schönenberg airport to the FKK by public transport (as it's located only metres aways from Westkreuz station), and I also checked how to go from there to Tegel airport since I would need to catch a flight early the following morning.




I was arriving to Berlin near 6pm, so I wondered whether I should make the most of the 70 Euro entry fee and go straight to the FKK from the airport. As I found out later, food is available all night long, so there's no need to rush just because of this. In any case, I decided against it since I wanted to see a little bit of Berlin and had a proper meal somewhere else before venturing to the FKK. Having an early flight to catch, I did not bother booking a hotel, as I would have food, showers and women at Artemis, so I was saving money already!


So, I went from the airport to Friedrichstraße station, and left my bag in a locker. Then I kept going around some of the usual attractions like Alexander Platz until I got hungry and felt like having some local food. Now, I know a very nice traditional German Kneipe (pub) not far from there in the suburb of Mitte; so I went to Oranienburger Straße station (two stops from Friedrichstraße station with the S-Bahn). As you will see not all was food related.


Oranienburger Straße is a very nice street full of bars and restaurants, and if you feel like some typical German food and a good beer (the former being something increasingly more difficult to be found in Berlin), when you come up from the station, walk in the direction opposite the Television Tower you'll see there, all along Oranienburger Straße up to the end, and if you look to your right, you'll see a pub called Gambrinus Restauration located on a parallel little street that starts there. I highly recommend this place for prices and quality traditional food (they do have menus in English), and if you're having trouble with the local brands of beer, ask for a Schneider Weisse, a very nice wheat beer if that's your thing.


Now I told you that not everything was about food (and beer); on Oranienburger Straße you will also find the most beautiful SWs in the whole world and I mean it. I do challenge you to find women more beautiful than these working on any other street! However, don't get excited; 60 Euro will hopefully buy you a covered blowjob with the girl fully dressed and won't even grant you the right to watch at her when she's delivering it. If you want to have sex with them, start thinking of 300 Euro as a bare minimum. I obviously knew this from a previous experience, and now I felt like having a free perve at them with the comfortable knowledge that only one hour later I'd be shagging equally beautiful women who would gladly DFK me and give me a BBBJ, for 60 Euro all up! smile.gif


Bear in mind that before the concept of FKK took off and became popular in Germany, that was Berlin, a place full of rip-offs. Strangely, today the two worlds co-exist and it's hard to explain. I guess the rip-offs are still there for whoever doesn't know any better.


I went back to Friedrichstraße station, picked up my bag, and from there I went straight to Westkreuz station. I don't know if that station has a different way out, but you'll want to exit to Halenseestraße... and when you do, don't be discouraged by the desolated industrial aspect of the suburb. Just walk hundred metres to your left, and FKK Artemis will be there. If it's night time, look up to the sky and you'll see a big red neon sign.


I went in, paid 70 Euro, and I was given a robe and a bracelet with a key for two lockers, one for my valuables and other one for my clothes and bag (by the way, the asked me to open the bag and the bouncer quickly inspected it). I had a shower, put my robe on and went for a coffee. You'll surely see this better on their website, but FKK Artemis has many floors and two of them are dedicated to the social gatherings. Both of them have a bar; the one upstairs, however, is basically a nightclub environment, dark, loud music, occasional strip shows, one cinema showing porn, and at one end you have the restaurant. By the time I got there, I had eaten and wasn't hungry at all; however, the quality of the food on offer (which I don't know if it's a scale down variety of what they serve at 6pm or not) wasn't that enticing. My only point of comparison here is what I had at FKK The Palace last year, and in Frankfurt was definitely much better quality with a variety of hams, cakes and fruits in addition to the hot meals. It is fair to say though, that over there they didn't keep refilling the trays all night long like at Artemis. I think it may be a matter of quality (The Palace) versus quantity (Artemis) when it comes to food.


The area downstairs is where you have the swimming pool, saunas, another cinema, some rooms and another bar. It is much quieter and somewhat brighter and I much prefer it to upstairs since it's easier to chat. Unfortunately, I think most of the girls prefer the nighclub environment upstairs, but my best three punts out of the total four I had on the night, were initiated downstairs.


Anyway, I started by sitting at the bar upstairs to have my coffee. I basically had all night ahead of me, so I took it easy. The first thing I noticed is that it was very busy, and there were far too many guys for my liking. The second thing I noticed was that many of these guys were regulars and some girls tend to spend a lot of time chatting to them, particularly the prettiest ones who in addition have a bit of a princess attitude. At a FKK, I have learnt not to approach girls and let them approach me instead but the situation was making this a bit difficult.




I was first approached by the ugliest girl in the club, and somehow managed to send her away in a polite manner. The second girl who approached me was pretty instead and she introduced herself with these words: "I suck you without a condom, you can go down on me and we can do any position"... "Hmm...", I thought and then I asked: "Do you kiss?"... "Only with my lips, not with my tongue", she replied. I booked her since I knew she wasn't going to be my only punt of the night. Her name was Alicia and she came from Poland, early twenties, white blond hair, blue eyes, over 180cm tall, size 10, C-cups. A good package all in all. We went to one of the rooms and I realised that there wasn't going to be much pashing aside from some little kisses on the lips. Her BBBJ was a bit non-commitally soft, like afraid of sucking too much. Before she put a condom on me, I went down on her and despite getting wet, she took care of not expressing too much joy. Under those circumstances, there wasn't that much of a point to continue with the cunnilingus and we moved on to the sex.


We started with a bit of cowboy action but it wasn't working that well, so we swapped to missionary which went much better. After a while, I asked her to changed to doggy and then flat on her tummy for to finish from behind. Alicia was a tad inexperienced but don't get me wrong, she was friendly enough. She had been there for one week only, and she had spent another week doing the same last year. I don't think she does this kind of work back at home in Poland. I have also noticed that, except for a few very good experiences, Polish girls tend to be a bit mechanical when it comes to providing the service, at least compared to other Eastern European nationalities.


After Alicia, I went back to the bar to refill my batteries with some fruit juice. I think I saw beer being served but I stayed away from it anyway. It was then when I noticed most of the observations written above about the girls of Artemis and how crowded it was. I went downstairs, had a look at the cinema; only a couple of black girls there watching an old porn movie. Had a walk around the place in a reconnaince mission. Kept going up and down, having more fruit juice. Went to the sauna, went to the pool but the water was cold... and I started getting a bit depressed thinking that maybe FKK clubs were not any longer what they used to be. My shag with Alicia, while not bad for 60 Euro (AUD $100) was nothing to rave about... and the other girls were still too busy chatting to approach me. My only consolation was thinking of the rip-off artists of Oranienburger Straße and what a good deal my 60 Euro shag still was compared to them.




Time was still on my side, so I decided to go to the cinema downstairs and sit there for a little while. That's where I met Jana. Mid twenties, brunette, hazel eyes, maybe even a size 12, C-cups. We started chatting in a very casual manner a few rows away from each other, but when she said she was from the Ukraine, she got my full attention and moved next to her. In my experience, Ukranian girls provide a level of service which is second to none. I asked Jana if she was "friendly" (actually "freundlich" since the conversation was in German); she laughed and somehow guessed that I had had a less than average experience. She asked me if I wanted proof of this, to which I replied affirmatively.


I remind you that we were in the cinema, surrounded by a few more people. I thought she would start pashing me but I was wrong... she told me "Keine Angst!" (No fear!)... and proceeded to give me a marvelous BBBJ in public. Strangely, I wasn't intimidated by this fact but actually highly aroused by it. The blowjob was long and very generous considering I hadn't agreed to book her yet... but how couldn't I? Jana displayed a lot of confidence in what she was doing, a great time with her was somehow guaranteed.


When we finally went to one of the rooms, all I remember is that it was a very passionate moment with lots of DFK followed by some DATY that she seemed to seriously enjoy. Before the condom came on there was a bit of teasing with our private bits, and this made me extra horny. Once with the condom on, I can't really remember what positions we went through, all I know is that it was all good and I came probably with missionary. What I do remember really well is that it made my previous shag look like the most mechanical waste of time I had had in ages (It had not been that bad but this was good indeed)... So good it was that my plan for the rest of the night was to select by nationalities and keep an eye for more Ukrainian and Russian girls.




After Jana, I started keeping an eye on the time; realistically I only had time left for another two shags, including recovery time, casting talents, etc. Incidentally, there weren't any clocks around to look at, so I kept asking the time to the girls and barmaids. I had a chat with a very pretty Polish girl who didn't DFK, so I gave her a miss.




It happened as I was returning to the cinema downstairs that I bumped into Martina. I had spotted her earlier in the evening but finally she was alone and took notice of me. She did speak English and I went through the usual questions to avoid disappointment, particularly after such a good session with Jana. Everything was fine with Martina except coming in her mouth (not sure if it was because it was extra or because she just doesn't do it). Not one of my fetishes anyway, so we went straight into one of the rooms.




Martina is a tiny creature, her photos don't give you a proper idea of how petite she is. She is probably mid or late twenties (a couple of wrinkles on her pretty face are the only giveaway that she's not 16!), dark blond hair, blue or green eyes, enhanced C or D-cups, size 6 or 8, around 160cm, not a single gram of fat. Just as an interesting reference, each one of her buttcheeks fitted comfortably in my hand. laugh.gif




She was a little methodical in getting her things ready (there was the promise of a massage at the end of the session). I worried for a second thinking about such discipline continuing throughout the session, but luckily my fear was completely unfounded. Pashing led to me going down on her and she absolutely loved it, to the extent of complaining when I withdrew. I offered to continue with 69 (I remind you that these bookings go for 30 minutes... but they are flexible as there aren't any buzzers and when they are having fun they won't cut you short).




I know I am not as good giving oral when doing 69 as I am otherwise, but it went forever. Her BBBJ was great and I could tell she wasn't afraid of me coming inside her mouth despite what she had said at the beginning. I had to control myself because at one stage I was about to explode... but I didn't.


Finally, on with the condom, a bit of missionary and I came. Her tightness made it impossible to continue without me coming. With such a long and good foreplay, it was great nonetheless. Martina has been working there for a year now and I highly recommend her to lovers of petite girls. She did give me the massage in the end and I'm sure we went past the half hour.




With only one hour left before going to the airport, I went to the bar downstairs and had a cappuccino to recover some energy. Two girls were chatting among themselves and I had my eyes firmly set on one of them. After a little while she took notice of me and smiled. We started a conversation across the distance and I moved next to her. Her name was Vikka and like Jana, she also came from the Ukraine; Little AJ's interest was quickly arousen again. The conversation was in German and soon I worked out that she was a very safe bet to go ahead with the booking.


Vikka is a tallish girl, maybe around 175 cm tall, dark blond hair, hazel eyes, very pretty face, size 10, C or D-cups. The routine followed in a similar manner to the previous two girls but a little extra chemistry was noticeable between us. The way she kissed me was as if this was the tenth time I was seeing her and despite the certainty she wouldn't see me again. After some inebriating pashing, I went down on her and soon she went down me, with both ending up in a 69 position. Again this went forever, only to be followed by more pashing. She reached for the condom but I asked her to wait; she had a fleshy bum and she was happy for me to slide Little AJ... this was great but not long after, the condom was produced to get on with the sex for real.


We went through a few positions and we finished with the caterpillar one. I would have extended because she was special indeed but we had probably gone past the half hour again, and I had to leave. She knew that too, and despite the fact she gave me a fabulous service. At the end, when she walked me out and after I paid her, she gave me a big pash goodbye and we wished each other the best.


In summary, four shags, one of them a so-so one, the other three increasingly better up to the sublime. So, for the time being, there's no reason to fear; FKKs remain an unbeatable source of fun! wub.gif


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