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Happy A Go-Go Bar (Bratislava) - November 2007 - Jana



Happy A Go-Go Bar - Jaskovy rad 223, Bratislava - (02) 5477 7727


Time for Slovakia to have its own forum (However, you will find some old info in this thread about Prague and Bratislava).




Slovakia should be the country with most beautiful women per square metre in the world; they are indeed gorgeous. The good thing is that it hasn't been discovered as much as Prague or Budapest and its capital, Bratislava, is located just half way between these two cities. It's also minutes from Vienna, and chances are that their Escort industries are one and the same. I believe, however, that you'd be better off booking girls in Bratislava rather than in more expensive Vienna. Then again, hotels are better in Vienna and if you find the right specials, they may be even cheaper too. The hotel industry in Bratislava is a bit old and under-developed yet expensive for what you get. The sex industry seems to be also under-developed but bear in mind that Bratislava is a very small city. Other things, like food for example, is actually quite cheap, so whatever money you'll waste in old expensive hotels, you'll get back thanks to the low cost of living (low for whoever goes there with stronger Western currencies).


You may be glad to know that now more than ever you may have a reason to go to Bratislava if you use budget airlines to travel around Europe. Sky Europe, a growing airline, is based there and it wouldn't be strange for you to combine your flights so you "must" catch a plane in Bratislava. However, if you go there with the intent of having lots of sex, do your homework first, as opportunities won't present themselves as easily as in Prague.


The Internet is your friend, and you may want to avoid the exclusive Escort Agencies at international prices (unless you have the money to afford them). Privates should be the go and I found a few of them, many with the same phone number, which put me a bit off from calling but it doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. I just did not have the time to work out appointments with privates through the phone. If I was to be longer there I definitely would. Websites like this could be helpful for that.


So with little time on my side, I ended up at the same place I knew from previous visits. The former Salon Celentano has had a rebranding and now it's called Happy A Go-Go Bar. I really don't know why they changed the name because nothing else has changed; I'm actually almost certain that the woman behind the bar and maybe even the bouncer are the same ones I saw years ago. It is very close to the train station, however, I suggest you to ask the locals how to get there maybe by pointing at a city map (and don't bother calling in before 7pm). It would help you a lot too if you spoke German. Almost everyone in Bratislava speaks some German thanks to the proximity to Austria.


I wasn't sure if I was going to find this place open but I was glad when I saw the lights on even with its new name. Being a tad earlier than 7pm it was closed though, so I went back to the train station to kill some time and get some money from an ATM in case they didn't accept credit cards (which I still don't know). When I got there again, I was greeted by the serious bouncer, big guy with big round head (If we didn't have enough Maoris in Australia, we could import Slovakians!) and guided to the bar where the woman behind it (who very well could be the owner or manager) explained me in German that they only had one girl on that night. That was quite different from my previous visit to Salon Celentano because back then there were many girls to choose from (and I ended up with a Kyla Cole lookalike!), but now maybe because it was Sunday, maybe because business is not that great, the situation was another. Bummer... I asked for a beer and went to join the only girl. She was actually okay but not a glamour. Brunette with a Bob, hazel eyes, size 12, C-cups, early twenties, pleasant face and all shaven down there as I later found out. We established a conversation in German; she was friendly but after my not so good experience with Bara at Sweet Paradise, I didn't want to take more risks and asked her if she kissed. At first she said no, but after I stayed put drinking my beer and letting her know that I wouldn't book her then, she changed her mind and I booked her for 45 minutes.




I can't remember the exact price, but I believe that was 1800 Slovakian Crowns (AUD $90). Jana guided me to a room upstairs where we both had a shower together. Her mood was definitely a good one and she didn't spare any kisses, which was great considering she was reluctant when I just arrived. Kissing makes everything so much easier and by then and after a few jokes we were in excellent pashing terms. No BBBJ was discussed nor promised, so I didn't ask for it. Instead I went down on her which made her very wet and happy with me. After I finished that, we continued with more pashing, some Spanish and finally some Italian (sliding Little AJ in between her butt cheeks with a little bit of lube and sans condom) which seemed to turned her on a lot. It did turned me on a lot too and I came on her back.


After cleaning and a bit of a rest, we went for a second round that started by Jana giving me a nice CBJ and we went through several positions like cowboy, missionary and doggy until we finished on the nick of time. No time for pillow talk but we did manage to talk a bit in between the rounds. Jana comes from Kosice which is at the other end of the country and all in all it was a very pleasurable experience. No extras were asked by her at any time! :)


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