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Sweet Paradise (Prague) - November 2007 - Bára



After a good yet expensive night at K5, I thought I definitely had to try the traditionally cheaper delights of Sweet Paradise. So, with the name of the Metro Station in my possession this time, I went there after 8pm (Please notice that currently if you go earlier, you may be entitled to a discount but I just couldn't make it anytime before that).




No metal detectors at Sweet Paradise and instead of going up anywhere, it is underground, so you go down to a club environment. I walked in and asked for a beer (not a great variety despite being in Prague) and was charged 140 crowns including the entry fee and the beer, that should be around AUD $9.


I sat on the lounge facing a strip show by a very young hot girl (whom I thought wasn't on offer as a WL but I believe I was wrong after all). I noticed a very good line-up, not as stunning as in K5 but quite surprised nonetheless since my previous visit there was at daytime and there were fewer girls available. At some stage someone decided to introduce them to me in that quick fashion of telling me their name and pissing off. For some strange reason, my attention was caught by a young girl with shoulder long red hair (actually a tad shorter than shoulder length) and after a while of watching the strip show, I asked her to join me.


Now, the first and big problem was that she did not speak anything but Czech, and I don't speak a word of Czech. So for a little while we stayed there nodding, smiling at each other but not really communicating. The second and even bigger problem was that I decided to ignore the alarm bells that went off when I thought that she just wasn't interested in communicating. Last year I was in that very same place with a girl who only spoke Czech too, yet I left the place knowing how old she was, where she came from, how long she had been working there, and that she was willing to give me a BBBJ for no extra money among quite a few other things. This other one instead, I could only find out that her name was Bára and that she was Czech.


Despite that fact, I decided to book her, and who knows why for 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Moreover, I offered her a drink and she asked for those Vodka and Lemonade mixes for which I was charged 200 crowns (AUD $11)... well at the time I thought it was more money and was a bit outraged, and for the shag, I can't remember exactly but I think it was around 2200 crowns (AUD $130)


(THE SEX BEGINS HERE... and doesn't go for long!)


Bára may be around 18 or 19, red hair, green eyes, pretty face, very pale skin, a size 9, B or C cups, 165 cm tall. She walked me to the same room I was allocated last year, and I followed the routine with the shower. She had one right after me too. I tried to keep the chit chat but all I was getting back was shrugging and the occassional smile.


We went to the bed and soon I would discover that kissing was not on, and DATY either... however Bára was able to communicate that they would be available for 500 and 1000 crowns extra respectively (which is AUD $30 and $60)... arghhh.... the bloody extras have definitely arrived to Prague, and these are the silly extras. I don't mind paying extra for a BBBJ or Greek, but paying extra for DATY?... no, I wouldn't do that. I thought of paying extra for kissing to save the session but since she wanted the money upfront, I thought: bugger that too!


So it was as no frills love-making (for using an euphemism) as I haven't had in a very long time. She gave me a CBJ which didn't get to fully rise Little AJ; notheless she sat on top right after, and when we changed position the condom naturally came off... she shrugged and I put it back in place and we changed to missionary. I think it could've been a case of Little AJ signing off earlier like saying "Mate, I'm off for a beer instead" and like ten minutes into the session I came. I don't know why that happened. Generally it's the opposite; sometimes I'm with a girl giving me the time of my life, and I take ages in coming, but here it was just a mechanical thing; a few ins and outs and it was all over. The condom was holding just of the end of uninterested Little AJ; Bára shrugged again.


I think I was allowed to go a second time but I just wasn't in the mood, I tried to break the language barrier but to no avail. Bára kept shrugging as I started seeing a certain bovine quality in her, who was otherwise a quite pretty girl. It felt like the longest 45 min. session I've ever had... a few minutes after finishing I asked her to give me a massage just to take advantage of the time and it also felt like the longest massage I've ever had. I can't accuse Sweet Paradise of short-changing me with the time!


In the end I accept the full responsibility of what happened since I certainly know better than picking a girl like that. Maybe the glory of the previous evening put me off guard and I just took the punt. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The one that followed this one was a much better one, so I'm happy again.


When I came back to the lounge I considered booking the girl that was stripping or even others who had become available in the meantime, I didn't and called it a night.


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