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K5 (Prague) - November 2007 - Verona



I must confess that I let the ball drop before going to Prague; I simply assumed that things should have been remained the same since last year and therefore I travelled there without doing any homework like visiting international forums, etc.




I arrived to Prague in the late afternoon and maybe an omen of things to come was that US $8 wasn't enough money to buy a 3 day pass for the public transport... hmm... I wonder if it ever was but my recollection was of a dirt cheap place, but things have probably changed and will definitely change even further as the Czech Republic finishes its integration with the European Union the day they adopt the Euro as their currency.


Trying to play it safe, I decided to visit Sweet Paradise on my first night, a place I have been in the past and had a great time for relatively little money. Now another act of cockiness made me think I could made my way there by public transport. I knew I had written the Metro station on my previous review of Sweet Paradise but I also wrote the station of the Lotos Club, which is Haje, on the same review. A quick glance at my review made me write down the wrong station on my mobile and when I looked at the underground map, I knew very well that Haje was the station of the Lotos Club, not Sweet Paradise. Now, without the info, I thought that I could still find SP on foot, after all is somewhere there behind the Museum at the top of Wencelas Square.


And so I walked, and walked, looking for my only point of reference, a public square with an underground station. When I realised that it was too much walking, I did an attempt of finding SP on the lateral streets but to no avail. Defeated, I decided to walk back towards the city and find an internet cafe to look at my review and the correct name of the station (which by the way is Jiriho z Poderbrand... two stops from Museum if you get Line A).


As I was approaching the city, suddenly I saw a corner with a sign I did recognise from fellow perverts' reviews: K5.


Now, was that destiny or what?... I had planned to visit K5 but not that night, and I had no clue about its location. But all in a sudden there I was! I made my way in and the bouncer greeted me and checked me with a metal detector... I was only carrying my camera and that was fine. They put me in the lift and I think they sent me the fifth floor, which is the top floor (it could have been the fourth but never mind). When I got there I was welcomed by Roberto who asked me if it was the first time and as it was, he fetched a girl to give the tour of the place. It consisted of a club environment with a bar and a strip show (apparently only on Thursdays), and then she showed me the rooms, the sauna, etc. At the end of the tour she took me back to Roberto (Italian who speaks good English... btw, the place seems like managed by Italians) and Roberto told me that I had two options: A ) Paying 500 crowns (AUD $29) to get in and enjoy of the club, the sauna, a massage... or B ) Pick a girl without paying the entry fee. The hourly fee was 3900 crowns (AUD $226), which isn't as good as the prices I remember but still good considering that some of the girls in front of my eyes were absolute stunners, model material really. I told Roberto that I was choosing option B and staying for one hour. I don't know why I did that; it would have been nice to stay around, have a massage, and moreover, being able to negotiate service with the girls while you haven't picked any of them yet.


He told me that if I had any preference as for service, he could suggest the right girl to me and even do some talking on my behalf, as I had no time to sit there and communicate with them. I told Roberto that I wanted a girl who gave natural oral, and he warned me that over there wasn't that easy, and that I may have to pay extra for that. Okay, fair enough I thought. As Roberto kept suggesting me possible candidates, I kept spotting some unbelievable girls... and gradually abandoning the idea of a BBBJ. However, a blonde stunner appeared out of the blue, and Roberto told me that she was a nice girl and asked me if I liked her. Of course I did, even when as stunning as she was, there were still even more beautiful girls than her... but if she was happy to provide natural oral and was recommended by one of the managers, I thought she was an obvious choice.




Roberto did the talking in Czech and she agreed to see me. Her name was Verona, despite the Italian name, originally from Slovakia. As I said, blonde, green eyes, size 8, mid twenties, enhanced D cups, a greatly shaped arse and with heels on approx. 175 cm tall. Typical slavic features with high cheek bones and foxy eyes. Little piercing above her lip and bellybutton. Completely shaven where it matters.


Verona took me dowstairs and we both had showers (not together... and damn, she looked so good in the shower!)... Little AndyJ was awakening just by looking at her. When she came back from the shower and sat with me to negotiate the natural oral business, I was a bit shocked. Her English was fine (particularly compared to other girls) but not good enough to avoid the following confusion; for a second I thought that the 3900 crowns I was to pay upstairs were just for the room... Oh my god!... what sort of scam was that?... luckily that was not what she meant. What she meant was that the money I was to pay upstairs bought me a shag and that was it... not even sure if a CBJ too. So, she wanted 1000 crowns extra for kissing, that I was ready to pay, and 3000 crowns extra for the BBBJ, which I brought down to 2000 crowns, and wanted more for 69, that I wasn't paying. All up I gave her 3000 crowns extra for kissing and a BBBJ, but as I saw later, it seems that this bought me access to everything, and I mean everything only limited by my common sense.


All up it was 6900 crowns (approx. AUD $400) but once we agreed on the extras, I did not hear a "no" from her. And what I paid for, she provided generously all along the hour session. We started pashing, and what a soft and delicate creature she was. Voluptous to the eye, yet soft and fragile to the hand. After a bit of that, I tried my luck South of the border, even when I had not paid extra for that. "May I?" I asked, "A little bit" she replied. However, the little bit became a long while which ended up with her all wet. I came up for more kissing, and as I did this I rubbed Little AJ against her warm nether regions. However, I slowed down to let her do her well compensated job. The BBBJ was marvelous; she certainly knew what she was doing. I believe she wanted me to come by oral and I got the impression she wouldn't have minded if I did it inside her mouth... but I wanted to come inside her pussy instead. I turned her around and started sliding my willy on her buttocks with a bit of lubricant. Not surprisingly, after a while of that marvelous tease, I felt I was about to come and hence, I withdrew to avoid that. Immediately, she put my penis in her mouth and I thought that it would explode in there but somehow I managed to avoid that. I still wanted to come inside her by shagging.


I finally reached for the condom and handed it to her as I sign that this time I would definitely blow inside her. She put the condom on with her mouth and after going through some glorious doggy, we finished.


The end of the hour was approaching and we only had time for a little chat and the showers. Unfortunately she didn't let me take her a photo and that was a real shame, as she was certainly worth it. She walked me up again and kissed me good night after I had paid the club its part with my credit card.


I left K5 thinking that I had spent more money than what I thought I could spend but also with a experience that ended up being much better than what I originally imagined. I think Verona was the right choice; pick the wrong girl at those prices and you won't be leaving with a smile on your face.


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