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Amigas (Montevideo) - October 2007 - Valeria & Yanina



How frustrating it is to be in one place and not being able to punt at your heart's content!... I won't go into the reasons that prevented me from punting as much as I wanted in Uruguay this time but I knew that even before getting there, so that lessens the frustration a tiny bit.


You may be aware of my fuck fest from a couple of years ago at La Casa de Nana in Punta del Este; well, this time I managed to visit a parlour in Montevideo, the capital city, called Amigas. It is located near an important Bus terminal in Tres Cruces, and when you come near it, you may be given flyers on the street for a couple of nearby parlours, Amigas being the closest one.


Now, the parlour scene in Montevideo is quite new to me; from my previous visit to Uruguay, it was my understanding that parlours were banned on coastal areas (hence, that's why Nana's is located not quite in Punta del Este but in a neighbouring town called Maldonado). However, that has apparently changed and today Montevideo is full of parlours, both legal and illegal ones. Amigas boasts to be a very legal one and they advertise the fact on their flyer too.


When I managed to escape from my other commitments for the first time, I got there and was greeted by one of the girls. From the outside, there is nothing that indicates this is a brothel, just a normal house (maybe a tad neater than the other houses around it in a neighbourhood which is not a dump but not upmarket either). I was nervous, the surroundings of train stations (bus station in this case) tend to be rather unsafe all over the world; so I went express to the parlour as quickly as I could.


Inside, it was obviously a brothel, but you may think for a moment or two that it could have been a solarium or a waxing place. There were neon lights everywhere, and I absolutely hate this as it prevents you from having a good look around and it creates a cold, almost clinical, atmosphere. The girls, albeit dressed in a sexy manner, are all in white, adding to the mood and the price structure is based on a basic fee plus extras (generally kissing, kissing nipples which I found stupid, and DATY). Now, the basic prices are dirt cheap for us, 15 min. for 250 Uruguayan Pesos (AUD $14), 350 for 30 min. (AUD $19) and 550 the hour (AUD $30). This is a low to medium range parlour in the general scale.


The line-up on the both occasions I visited were nothing to rave about; definitely well below the standard I saw at Nana's a couple of years ago; however, still decent. I think that on your average Aussie parlour you'll find better and worse and the same time. Well there wasn't such contrast but I picked Valeria; early twenties, probably a size 12 with brown hair, hazel eyes, olive skin, C-cups and a curvy bum.


Valeria took me upstairs to an equally dark room, put some porn on the TV-set, and proceeded to explain me about the extras. They seemed to go by increments of 50 Uruguayan Pesos (AUD $3); I picked kissing and refused paying extra for kissing nipples and DATY (a principle thing!)... however, I asked Valeria how much extra was it for a BBBJ and she quoted 150 Uruguayan Pesos (AUD $8). Needless to say, I accepted the quote and I'm very glad I did because she gave me a fantastic blowjob. I had to ask her to stop to avoid coming before time. As for the sex, we went through cowboy, missionary, doggy and caterpillar. After I came, I was led to the basin to wash myself and that was it. I think that the half hour I went for, wasn't all up but it probably works on a you blow and you go basis. In any case, Valeria had a very sweet personality even if there wasn't much we could talk about (I was in a bit of a rush anyway). She walked me down and kissed me goodbye. On my way out I saw a couple of girls I would have liked meeting.


I did plan to visit an establishment at the top end of the spectrum called First Class and located in a more upmarket suburb called Pocitos. Over there for an hour of fun, you have to think of around AUD $120, but they say it's worth the money and the experience is a much less clinical one. As a matter of fact, I did visit on my last day and even when the two available girls had a porn star body, they weren't exactly my cup of tea and I kept going to Amigas for a cheap quickie instead. Looking back at it, it was a stupid thing to do but it's amazing how your mind switches to local prices and you become reluctant to spend that much even when AUD $120 doesn't buy me much at all at home! I think I had read about a blond girl on this forum, which is a very good one if you understand Spanish, and then I was disappointed when she was busy and I couldn't come back.


Anyway, back at Amigas, I was greeted this time by a proper receptionist, and I picked Yanina, mid-late twenties, brunette, brown eyes, fair skin, a size 8 with A Cups. Yanina quoted 100 Uruguayan Pesos for kissing (AUD $6) and did not offer BBBJ. I went for the kissing and bar the covered blowjob, the rest of the experience was pretty much carbon-copied from the first one. Not a bad half hour with another friendly girl but nothing to rave about. She did say that the shower is reserved for 1 hour bookings, and maybe the whole experience changes when you go for the full hour, but unfortunately on both occasions I was in a hurry.


I left Montevideo with the idea of the place as a goldmine for punters, which unfortunately I did not get to explore as much as I would have wanted. Hopefully, I'll get to go there again one day.


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