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La Mansion (Santiago) - October 2007 - Priscila



Second day in Santiago, now with a little bit less of jetlag but with my previous night with Delfina still very fresh in my mind. The telephone in my hotel room had been fixed, so now I could call comfortably from there instead of having to look for a public phone. Now, if you read Delfina's review, I mentioned something about compiling two shortlists before getting to Santiago. One of the girls who was high on my original list, and made it to my second one too, was Priscila.




As gorgeous as Delfina was, I have to say that I also wanted to sample someone with a more exotic look, and Priscila had this almost Eurasian look, probably a combination of indigenous (who are believed to have walked from Asia through Alaska and kept going as far as Fireland once upon a time) and European. I didn't know if Priscila was from Chile but I was hoping so, as I also like to sample the local flavours when I go to any country. As I would find out later, she is actually from Venezuela (a land with no shortage of exotic women!)... so, given my two night stay in Santiago, I thought of seeing some Chilean girl after Priscila if time and energy permitted (after all, I was punting at approx. 500 metres above the sea level! LOL)


For some reason I thought that Priscila's photos were too good to be true; somehow I was expecting a catch. Priscila works for La Mansion, a brothel/escort service about which I had read mixed reports on La Estokada, a Chilean forum. Also as a Sydney guy I don't have a great impression of escort services back at home and that somehow made me a bit alert about it. In all fairness, La Mansion is more a parlour than an escort service, the difference is that you just don't show up unannounced (a bit like Coco's or Moore Park in Sydney), but they do offer outcalls too for approx. AUD $20 extra, which is not bad. Prices for the actual services strangely vary from girl to girl, but Priscila's fee is 70,000 Chilean Pesos p/h which is approx. AUD $155. Still great compared to Sydney prices.


In any case, despite my doubts, I kept looking at Priscila's pictures, and I made my mind. I didn't care what sort of service she offered (which I didn't have a clue about), but I definitely wanted to shag such an exotic specimen. So, I called La Mansion from my hotel room, and a friendly receptionist told me that Priscila was due after 4pm. Great! I made a booking for 5pm and asked for instructions on how to get there. The receptionist indicated how I should instruct the taxi driver, but since in reality was around ten blocks from my hotel, I did walk my way there... and I arrived early so I had to kill some time walking around some leafy neighbourhood.


Finally, 5 o'clock on the dot, I made my way in to a nice residential old-style house, and as I did, a man was walking in; not a client but maybe an owner or manager. He told me to wait in a little room next to the stairs and that he would fetch Priscila for me. A couple of minutes later Priscila showed up. She was very friendly indeed, so any doubts I may had have about personality, started to fade away.




As you can probably see on her pics, Priscila is blonde (well, bottle blonde anyway), green eyes, a size 8/10 (she is slightly more solid than on the pics), C-cups, and the pics present some air-brushing but they are still a faithful representation of the same person. Something that it's better in the flesh is her very round bum!


Priscila took me to a spacious room upstairs, asked me if I wanted a drink, and guided me to the shower. Despite the small towells, so far everything was very similar to any Australian parlour. La Mansion is a place that very well could be compared to Ladies For Gentlemen in Melbourne.


After the shower (which was actually next to the room, not inside the room) I returned to the room, and Priscila came back with some evil local drink called Pisco that she mixed with Coca Cola for me. That thing, similar to a strong schnaps, was lethal, so I couldn't go beyond a few sips really.


Never mind the drink, now Priscila was naked with me in bed. She asked me if I wanted a massage but I declined and went straight into the full on pashing. After a lot of that, I went my way down and gave her oral for another long while. As Priscila got very wet, she told me that I had a "beautiful tongue" which was a very nice compliment. After I brought Priscila to a climax it was time for her to return the favour, and so she did indeed. She gave me one of the best BBBJs I've had in ages; I think I'm not exaggerating if I say that this girl has a PhD in cock-socking. I had to stop her to avoid coming (I don't think she minded but I wanted to shag). However, before letting Priscila put a condom on Little AndyJ, I had to slide it on her butt cheeks, as those butt cheeks were magnificent, extremely round and bouncy yet not big. I couldn't resist any longer and gave her the nod for the condom for the actual shagging to start.


Priscila is indeed an extremely passionate creature and she took great joy in what we were doing. We started with her on top, we then changed to missionary, then doggy... and a naughty idea occurred to Little AndyJ, in a sudden he decided to knock Priscila's backdoor instead. Practically with Little AJ already inside, Priscila told me that "la cola" (her butt) was actually extra. I think that at that stage she could've mentioned any figure and I couldn't have refused. She quoted 40,000 Chilean Pesos for that (approx. AUD $90) which is a bit high for local standards, but even if she applied tourist prices, I don't regret a single cent, as I spent a heavenly time poking her derriere, and I came that way too.


We finished the session with some nice pillow talk, and a few more sips of Pisco. After I left La Mansion, I pondered continuing my search for a truly Chilean WL, but I simply couldn't bring myself to do it in the end. During my stay in Santiago, I had two fantastic (yet very different) punts with two gorgeous women. Unfortunately, I am not returning to Santiago any time soon but I couldn't have asked for a better way to start my current overseas tour.


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