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Private (Santiago) - October 2007 - Delfina



In this punting game, sometimes it comes a time where after the fun, you ask yourself whether a particular punt was really necessary or not. However, every once in a while you meet a girl, who for one reason or another, and not always because of the sex, makes the encounter a memorable one. This was the case of Delfina, an Argentinean promo girl making a bit of easy money in neighbouring Chile, with whom I happened to cross paths.






My stay in Santiago, Chile, was going to be a short one and I knew that if I wanted to punt over there, I needed to do my homework. For that purpose, I naturally started researching on the Internet, and among a few sites I found www.sexo.cl, which is in reality a very useful site where the girls advertise their services and they rate the pictures as authentic or as very authentic (depending on the level of Photoshop manipulation used on them). You can do advanced searches according to several criteria, and way ahead of visiting Chile, I compiled a shortlist of beauties. This site was vital too for selecting the location of my hotel as I saw that most of these girls work from a suburb called Providencia, which is also quite a nice one too, full of restaurants and other amenities. Also, while most advertise their place or your hotel, experience from visiting other countries has taught me that not always they are that eager to do outcalls; so it was better to have many options at walking distance, particularly in a city I did not know.




I noticed that prices, while not dirt cheap as in other places I've been to, were still attractive for us with an average of $130 per hour, and this often included girls who very well could be charging $800 or more in the overpriced Sydney market. Now, most of those girls are actually from Argentina and travel backwards and forwards between their home towns and Santiago, depending on their agendas. Hence, when it was my time to travel, my shortlist had become almost useless as most candidates were not in Chile at the time. Luckily, I did notice this one or two days before flying and I created a second shortlist, which I printed as a dossier before leaving Australia. A new girl called Delfina had somehow positioned herself at the top of my list but getting to talk to her wasn't going to be that easy.




I arrived to Santiago after midday with hardly any sleep and was taken straight to my hotel. After a reconnaissance walk around the area and something to eat, I went back to the hotel and tried to start calling the numbers I had. It was still early, but I was only staying for two nights, and besides, you never know how much notice in advance these girls like. Here's when obstacle number one presented itself… no, not the language, as my Spanish is okay… but the telephone itself. After trying a hellish combination of hotel and area codes, I determined with the help of the concierge that there was a problem with my room's phone and I wasn't able to call outside. He volunteered to connect me manually from reception, but I felt a bit embarrassed imagining the scenario where I needed to keep going through several numbers on my list. I thought of buying a local SIM card for my mobile but it was Sunday and surely not as easy nor as cheap as in Eastern Europe; so it was a matter of using public phones the old fashion way. I did have a slight problem finding a phone card that worked locally as most were for long distance calls, but eventually I did. However, it was only by fluke that I found out that before dialling mobile numbers, I needed to dial 09 (and then omit the 0 with which most numbers seem to start).




I also wasn't feeling too optimistic about my chances of arranging a session from a public phone; no way I would manage to do that in Sydney, so I was ready to ask the girl to call me back to my hotel in 10 minutes if she wanted any kind of verification. First number: Delfina… she sounded friendly, and it did not cross her mind to ask me for any form of verification but she only did incalls; we arranged to see each other at her place in a couple of hours time. Enough to have a shower and have something to eat. I then realised that the public phone I was calling from was located at only 100 metres from her apartment, which happened to be part of the hotel I had originally booked and then cancelled. And if you're going to Santiago, maybe it's worth staying there, as they are a reasonably priced 5 star hotel, but they also rent apartments located at the back of the hotel to all these Argentinean privates, as I was told later by Delfina who assured me that those flats were full of working girls. The name of the hotel is Neruda.




After dinner, I called Delfina for the unit number but she told me to hang on for another 15 minutes since she wasn't quite ready yet. I think I killed those 15 minutes walking up and down the street; it felt like an hour though. Finally I called again and she gave me the unit number. However, when I announced my presence to the concierge, he asked me for a photo id to write down my details if I wanted to go up. I imagine many would turn around and say goodbye; in my case I give a toss about it; he could have my autograph as long as he let me in… plus in all fairness, if it was okay for me to call from a public phone and be alone inside a room with a young girl, well that was fair enough, particularly when there was no connection between Delfina and the building's concierge.




I took the lift and the truth was going to be unveiled; was she going to be the same gorgeous girl I saw on the Internet?… (drum roll…)… the door opened and… yes, not only was she the same girl, but she looked even better than on the photos I saw. She was more petite but still with massive enhanced tits, blonde, blue eyes, pretty face, all shaven down there (as I later found out)… an Argentinean Barbie Doll! Back at home she works as a promo girl mainly at car races and at boxing matches. She's one of those girls who carry the signs in between rounds. She's probably 20 or even less.




But, she wasn't alone… she had a girlfriend almost as attractive as her and certainly very friendly too. Yes, you guessed right; my first thought was to invite the girlfriend to join us even when there were signs that she was on her way out. Not knowing if she was a WL, or if she knew Delfina was one and I a client for that matter, I did not pursue that plan. A friend was picking her up anyway. My confusion also originated because I was greeted by them practically as a friend, so I decided to keep a smiling face and nod along. After a few minutes, Delfina's friend left and we stayed on our own, it was time to get the money out of the way. I went there thinking of staying one hour but after seeing Delfina in the flesh I decided to book her for two for the total equivalent of approx. AUD $200. I had no idea if her service was any good but she was friendly enough to risk $200.




In reality, Delfina's service is far from professional, no towels in the bathroom, only a few condoms available, in summary the opposite of the excellent level of skills and experience displayed by the private WLs I know in Sydney. She wasn't as slutty and passionate either as Priscila, a girl I saw the following day… BUT… none of the above is the product of ill intentions; she is a very innocent and naïve young creature, a little bit lost too in a foreign city, not unlike myself. So, in the absence of experience, she decided to treat me like a boyfriend and this included calling me to bed for just a casual chat lying side by side while we were still dressed. And so we chatted for a little while and then gradually we started kissing and finally moved to DFK, and we pashed for a long time until we decided we knew each other enough to keep doing that (and other things) without our clothes.




Once without clothes I kissed those massive tits and kept going down; I think she was a bit shy about it but she certainly let me proceed until making her wet and happy; I carefully explored with one finger her tunnel of love and her tightness was in accordance to her young age. Nothing in her looked like she was providing a service; put it to lack of experience but as this was matched with a personality that was friendly towards me, it was highly arousing. Shyly she gave me some covered oral and then we fucked. Due to her tightness and great looks, I did not last long. We started with her on top, we then changed to missionary and we finished with some doggy action. Well, probably one hour had passed and with another one still coming (actually, five hours still coming but I did not know that then).




However, while recovering, the conversation took an unusual turn. I don't feel quite comfortable writing about what we discussed in public. I'll just say that she felt a bit lost in a city where she was a stranger too and she did welcome my company and advice at the time. But yes, we also kept hugging and kissing, and we did go for a fantastic second round too, and it was a fantastic shag, because strangely, in a few hours time and after listening to each other, etc. we felt connected… and yes, you perverts, I know how funny it sounds from me to say that I felt connected to a girl who looks like that. The irony does not escape me! LOL




At the end, she did ask me to stay with her until her girlfriend came back and when I left we hugged like we've been together for a over a week. Now I noticed that Delfina's profile is not longer on the website where I found her; I can only assume that she went back home. Somehow I can't assume she won't be back but you never know.


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