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Thoughts on Writing Reviews -

My reasons for writing reviews is fivefold and probably the same as everyone else's. Firstly and foremost, it’s to repay to the community for the many benefits I have enjoyed. Secondly, it’s because I enjoy writing them. Thirdly, it’s because I enjoy having a record in a safe and secure blog. Fourthly, it’s to contribute to the sex worker's reward, good or bad. Finally, it’s because the interaction with fellow punters is enjoyable.




Thoughts on the Review Template-

Always being an objector to the template idea, I admit to having changed my mind with the PP template. It is a great idea but only because it leaves scope to still write a full review. I've seen Andy's template copied into reviews on FIA more than once but it effectively replaced the written review and that's poor.


Occasionally, when I'm very short on time and can't afford time to read multiple full reviews, I'll just skip through the templates and look for the signs, DFK, no extras, etc. effectively triaging the reviews.

Most suitable candidates get copied into memo on my iPhone for consumption when time permits.


The fields I am interested in include price, DFK, DATY, BJ and the last three. These alone would influence a decision all the rest is just variety.




Thoughts on the "Thank" Button -

The "Thank" button is a great idea but in my view, a little like a template. It is only good on it's own when one is strapped for time and has scanned a review very quickly or read only the template. I personally would rarely read or scan a review and / or template and not tick "Thank". After all what's wrong with thanking a bro for sharing their experience and giving their precious time to do so. In many cases I still like to write a reply.


There are others with a much more academic approach to the "Thank" button. That's cool, each to his own but in my view, a little encouragement goes a long way.




Thoughts on Replies -

Hypothetically, if one were to have a punting experience, good, bad or indifferent and took the trouble to record it in a review, sometimes taking hours of time that rightly belongs to more important things, do we deserve a little feedback? I say yes, of course. Do I believe every review needs 100 replies? No, but perhaps enough replies to give it sufficiently longevity to allow all regular readers a chance to catch it.




Thoughts on Non-punting Threads -

Like "extras", non-punting discussion on PP should not exist IMHO because it pushes reviews and to a lesser degree punting discussion, off the face of the planet. A number of members have stated they are in favour of non-punting discussion therefore we should cater for all requirements. Maybe we could have a secondary board for such threads, something like the intro board. Let's be a little cautious though of too much non-punting discussion. The focus we have enjoyed here has been a huge differentiator.




Thoughts on PM Feedback -

If a member's reviews are poor and/or if members have a problem with another member's reviews we should share our thoughts on PM. If done properly it may be for the benefit the whole community.


Constructive criticism should be generously offered, warmly received by and applauded by the greater community.




Thought on Posting Elsewhere -

I don't know the answer as to why people cross post but there have been a few good thoughts put forward in other threads. Early days I wondered if I wanted to cross post myself and decided against it. IMHO and with all respect to those that do cross post, I now think it's a bit tacky. Having said that though, we are all adults, we all have different perspectives and what we do and don't do in such matters should be based on our own judgement and conscience.


Who knows, I may for some reason decide to cross post a review one day and if I do, I do, no big deal. My commitment is the PP will get it first.

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Thanks Flexi,

As someone who is new to the site, I found this really helpful : )


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