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Allure - 15/09/07 - Chelsea



After my Melbourne debauchery (please notice that not all was publicly reported for “technical” reasons), and an overseas trip coming soon, I thought I wouldn’t be punting in the meantime.




But I was wrong. I was doing pretty well really; maybe traces of bronchitis had forced me to do the right thing and stay at home… until I got better and bored. For over a year I had been seeing a girl regularly at Allure every second Saturday night, give or take, but she has recently moved on with her life. I won’t turn this into something about how much I miss her but I just will say that my internal punting clock has been set to go off on Saturday nights. I’ve forgotten that I should be doing other plans for then, like catching up with friends, going to the cinema, whatever, anything other than punting.


On Saturday night as the idea started creeping in, I tried to fight it and not surprisingly I lost the battle. So I left home and I’d probably would have gone to Stiletto if I wasn’t saving money. On my walk to the nearest ATM, I even considered R’n’T places, Asian places, anywhere new… but Allure still presented itself as a sensible solution.


I have certainly told you about this little parlour before, and it’s one of the best managed I know. Receptionists are usually great, they can guide you with your choice if you need assistance, they are not pushy, they always offer you a drink; it’s always clean and the hour is still 60 dollars cheaper than Stiletto. Granted, line-ups are not big and hence, not always they have the girls you’re after but when they do, you’re generally up for a great time.


An anonymous forum member gave me a tip a few weeks ago that they have some really hot new girls, but little does this member know that going back to Allure for me would’ve meant exorcising some demons, and hence a not so easy task. However, what a man’s gotta do, a man’s gotta do, and I headed to Allure, knowing that dark forces awaited AndyJ, punter by choice, reluctant demon slayer by fate and shortage of money. I had my crucifix with me; I thought that taking a purple stole and a copy of the Roman Ritual too would’ve been good but unfortunately overkill.


To the sound of Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” I arrived to Allure and when the receptionist opened the door I said:


AndyJ: “I’m Father AndyJ Merrin and this is my assistant Father Little AndyJ Karras”

Little AndyJ (Whispering): “Leave me out of this, mate, you’re embarrassing me!”

Receptionist: “Oh… I see… well, Regan is not rostered tonight… a heavy case of green pea soup discharge; didn’t pass the medical… Would you like to meet the other girls?”


And so we stepped in to check out the girls and accomplish our mission. Only two were available and one of them was Chelsea (Note to the reader: Good reviews of Chelsea was what made me go to Allure in the first place over a year ago, but for different reasons I hadn’t booked her yet)


I thought this was a sign and I looked at Little AndyJ, who ignored me completely while he was perving on Chelsea’s legs that went all the way up attracting people’s attention to a great firm derriere covered only by a tiny skirt.


Chelsea’s intro was pretty much straight to the point, maybe a bit too straight to the point. In all honesty should I’ve been in a more demanding mood, maybe I would have passed on her… again. However, I’m happy I went ahead with the booking as a good time awaited Little AndyJ. Maybe she’s one of those girls who just doesn’t bother at intros yet she still delivers in the bedroom. She wouldn’t be the first one like that I meet. She was also afflicted by a throat problem and she had lost her voice a bit. Later she told me she was afraid of people thinking she was tranny… but no-one could really think that of her, no matter her voice.




And so we decided on 45 minutes. Chelsea is in her early twenties, she’s a size 8 or less, B cups, over 170 cm tall, auburn shortish hair and blue eyes. She has a very hot body; as I said long legs and a little awesome firm arse.


We went up the stairs towards Room 2. On my way up I checked the door of Room 1 at the end of the corridor… a defiant laugh taunted me from behind it. I looked at Little AndyJ but he was still perving at Chelsea’s bum.


AndyJ: “Did you hear that Little AJ?”

Little AndyJ: “Mate, snap out of it, we have better things to do than fighting demons!”


He had a point, and curiously as Chelsea closed the door of Room 2 behind us, I felt that no battle with demons would take place in there, they had taken refuge in the other room… but maybe it actually was because all the blood was already going to Little AndyJ’s head.


After a quick health check, she led me to the shower but didn’t absent herself from the room; she just let reception know when I stepped out of it. We took things in a very easy and casual manner; Chelsea offered me to start with a massage but I always decline that as the opener of a session. No problems, we went with “mucking around” instead as I stated that was my preference. Soon I went down on Chelsea and she seemed to enjoy that in a very laid back and relaxed manner… I’m afraid that there was no explosion of pleasure manifested or anything like that but as she got wet, I knew it was time to withdraw and give her the chance to return the favour… not without first sliding Little AJ in between her butt cheeks for a little while. I know that I have become predictable with this routine for those who read my reviews, but I have to say that it felt absolutely great… and it looked even better on the mirror next to the bed… such a cute young body, such a cute firm bum… and remarkably warm too (I hope she didn’t have a fever… LOL… but it’s amazing how temperature plays such an important role).


It was hard to stop that yet given this was my first time with Chelsea, and not having had discussed anything, I didn’t want to come on her back. I knew that, but Little AJ seemed to have plans of his own… he seemed possessed as a matter of fact.


AndyJ: “The power of Christ compels you!… the power of Christ compels you!… the power of Christ compels you!”


Finally whatever demon had taken control of Little AndyJ gave up in time and we were able to stop and let Chelsea reach for a condom for some oral on me. The CBJ was good but a pale comparison of the uncovered fun Little AJ was having until then. Chelsea then asked me what was my favourite position and I told her that it was the one we would finish with, doggy but with her lying flat on her tummy (aka the caterpillar position but I did not attempt to call it like that! LOL)


We did start with her on top though. With such a good foreplay, Little AJ was in his best behaviour and hard as a rock; her tightness also helped. I’d dare say that we both were enjoying that; I may be wrong but I reckon that she enjoyed that more than my oral tribute… which is weird when it comes to most girls I see.


After some enthusiastic cowboy action, we changed to missionary… and after a little while I told Chelsea that we wouldn’t get to do doggy and came, collapsing for a couple of minutes on top of her. I think I really needed that shag!


She did offer me a massage again but I told her to just relax there next to me. We did have a nice chat and all in all, I reckon that Chelsea is another good talent at Allure… Quite a relaxing experience, which was great yet a tad strange considering I went there to battle demons, but let’s face it, I’m a slut!


However, when I left, I think I could hear whatever creature dwells in the shadows of Room 1, whisper from behind the door: “Please call in again… if you dare!” followed by evil laughter (and the X-Files tune). :)


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