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Studio 54 - 24/08/07 - Sharna



Several times the thought of meeting Sharna had crossed my mind before, but destiny had it that my visits to Melbourne had not coincided with her schedule… until now.




When Sharna published her latest roster, I knew that I was keeping Friday afternoon to see her. Moreover, Studio 54 ran a promotional discount for FIA members on the Friday, so it couldn’t get any better. A couple of hours after I landed in Melbourne I was making my booking for the following day. A smart move because I understand that quite a few punters missed out on the lovely Sharna.


Now, getting to Studio 54 by public transport is not that easy. I knew that tram 86 would leave me on Bell Street but then it’s still a fair distance to the creek on top of which Studio 54 is located. That morning I caught up with a fellow pervert for a coffee who recommended me to get one of those buses that run along Bell Street. However, being afraid that the bus would’ve never come, I thought I could walk from Plenty Road and Bell Street. It was an approximate 30 minute walk but quite easy for my pedestrian standards. 2:30pm on the dot I was there asking for Sharna and for my FIA discount.


I took Sharna completely by surprise as she wasn’t expecting AndyJ, and I would’ve preferred to reveal my identity at the end but a couple of little misunderstandings made me do it at intro stage. Sharna took me to one of big rooms upstairs (not the red room that she showed me at the end which is gigantic, ideal for orgies). The place was pretty dark, and for some reason, while Sharna kept chatting I couldn’t see the bed. She noticed I was looking around, and the bed in fact was next to us but for some reason I couldn’t see it and I was wondering where we would end up shagging… (My God!… it’s true what they say; I’m going blind!)




Now, I don’t know if Sharna needs a description but let’s do that briefly anyway. She looks hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, pretty face, great body, a few tattoos (nothing too intrusive). Strangely enough, her face was exactly what I had imagined with the single aid of her former avatar, the one with the eye. She looks somewhat younger than what I imagined though.


After the shower she came back with a drink for me and not long after she dispossessed me from the towel that I had wrapped around my waist. Without hesitation we got straight into the action. We remained mucking around and fondling each other until Sharna suggested moving to the bed. Sharna discovered that my nipples are extremely ticklish, and warned me that she’d torture me if I crossed the line (I wonder if I have a reputation that precedes me!) LOL


I gradually made my way down to her pussy to see if she was ticklish there but she wasn’t what we would call “ticklish”; but responsive it was indeed. I think I remained there for quite a while until we were sure that Sharna had received my token of appreciation (after all I didn’t show up with flowers or anything like that)… and Sharna in no uncertain terms let me know by exclaiming “Oh fuck!”… in a nice kind of way, that is.


Right after that, she laid there with open legs, a smile on her face and me on top of her. Needless to say that made me hard and horny, so I turned Sharna around on her tummy and said “Don’t worry I won’t do anything naughty… well, not too naughty”. All I can say is that at the end of that, she said that I was “Cheeky” :lol:


She then grabbed a condom and put her oral skills to the test. A test she certainly passed with compliments. After that, Sharna jumped on top of me for some great cowboy action. She looked for the best angle for me to have a good perve… “masturbation material” for tougher times, I call it. :)


She remained on top until I thought I was being inconsiderate for letting her do all the work, so we changed first to missionary and then to some visually stunning doggy action. With all the foreplay that we did, the buzzer went off and took me by surprise. The condom went off and we finish partly by hand, partly by doing some Russian. I hope I didn’t do too much of a mess when I finished!


No time for pillow talk this time but I guess that’s because we made the best of our time. Now, one day after I saw her, Sharna announced that she may be changing career. It’s understandable; it won’t get any better than this for her, I do have that effect in women… yeah, right! :lol: … Nah, in all seriousness I’m very happy that I got there in time to meet her. It was a real pleasure in more than the obvious sense.


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