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Le Boudoir - 23/08/07 - Jessica



Thursday morning, Sydney airport; AndyJ is sneaking away to Melbourne to do a few things without telling anyone. Hence, my apologies for not catching up with the FIA crowd, there will always be a next time.




While waiting to get on board the plane, I thought I'd better call the Grosvenor to see if there was a chance of catching up with Rebecca; a given in the past but these days she's not that easy to find. The man at the other end of the line tells me the daily line-up but there is no mention of her. So I go ahead and ask for her… "She's working tonight" he replies. Great!... booking made for 6:30 pm.


Cut to 6:30 pm and I walk into a very busy G. "You have a booking?" the receptionist asks me. "Sure… I'm here to see Rebecca"… "Oh darl, she called in sick, would you like to reschedule or meet the other girls?"


I actually did both things, I rescheduled and I met the other girls but no-one took my fancy really, so I left and when I was passing next to Le Boudoir I decided to pop in to see if Sophie was working. I've never been with her but I briefly saw her once and since then she's been on my to-do list. When I arrived there I found that Jill, the manager was in total agony due to some shoulder problem. She really did look in pain. "Don't you have any receptionists?" I asked her… "We're desperate for receptionists but we can't advertise for them". Crazy Victorian laws! Anyway, as it happened, Sophie had also cancelled but Jill offered me to meet the two girls available. Maybe the series of events had made me a bit pessimistic but when I saw the second girl, I went "Wow!" My luck had suddenly changed.


Her name is Jessica, and you'll find a couple of reviews of her already, but for some reason I had not grasped the beauty of this woman from reading them. You know that comparisons are always inadequate because punters always see girls differently, but there's little bit of Sophia Loren in Jessica (okay, not as voluptuous as Sophia). It's a certain air of sophistication, the elegant dress she was wearing, her hair, her tan, and her eyes. She's the type of woman that you would look at twice in a restaurant, the type of woman that generally sits with someone else, not with you! :)




Now, so this doesn't lead you astray, I'd say that she's probably a size 8, with B cups, brown hair with blond highlights, lovely eyes (I think they were green but I can't be sure). She's shaven down there with just a tiny landing strip to point you in the right direction in case you need help with that.


She took me to one of the nice rooms upstairs, let me there for me to have a shower and soon after she came back with a drink for me. Now, there was something about Jessica that told me she was going to direct the session, but there was also something that told me to trust her for my own benefit. So, we started with the words that AndyJ generally doesn't want to hear: "Lay on you tummy for me"… but as I said, I knew I wouldn't get a time wasting massage. And I didn't; Jessica instead gave my muscles a bath with her warm tongue. That felt nice indeed; still not quite enough to bring Little Andy into a standing ovation but it was far too early anyway. Jessica then asked me to kneel on all four with my head looking at her through my legs… I obeyed but quickly through the mirrors I checked to make sure that no big hard red phallic objects were produced out of her bag. No need to worry about that, Jessica reassured me; instead she applied some lube to Little AndyJ who began to show himself more interested as Jessica kept playing with him.


After that we changed position so I could check Jessica's arse on the mirror, she put a condom on Little AndyJ and proceeded to lick and swallow him for a while. I think it was after this that Jessica detected I'm the sort of guy who likes to lead the action, and having behaving as well as had, she let me do that. We pashed and I got rid of the condom; it was still early for sex, I had other things in mind before that. So after more kissing, I gradually made my way down in between her legs and paid Jessica my respects… twice.


But it wasn't going to be sex straight after that. I turned Jessica around for a little bit of butt play, which sent Little AndyJ to the roof. And when I couldn't take it any longer I asked Jessica to reach for a jacket. Sex was great but with all that foreplay, it didn't last that long; we started with her on top, which let me tell you, it was lots of fun, particularly considering Jessica's cheeky personality, and then we changed to missionary, a position which allowing for more pashing meant also the climax and so we finished.


We remained in bed for a little while before the buzz went on. We took the opportunity to know a bit about each other and since cinema was a common interest, we just kept chatting about films for the time left. I had a very good time with Jessica and I'd happily see her again. My night started a bit accidental but sometimes good things come out of that. :)


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