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Stiletto - 18/07/07 - Jane



Before anything, I must write as a disclaimer that when I had this punt, I wasn’t in the best of moods, so please take this review with a pinch of salt.




The other night I was chatting with a fellow pervert on MSN, and when I informed him my intention of going punting, he suggested me to see a private, and probably that would been a good idea but they are so hard to organise on the fly and they are expensive. But I should’ve listened because the experience I had in the end while not bad, was just bland and too expensive for what it was.




Again I went to Stiletto, and in the absence of some recognizable names, the line-up it was. I should walked away really, but it was cold and I didn’t feel like venturing into other parlours. I went for personality mainly and picked Jane who smiled the most. And probably the only blonde. There were a few cute Asians too.




Jane is a blond Kiwi, air hostess look, pleasant face and a size 12. Also I had the distinct impression she was wearing a wig, I may be wrong though.


Again was taken to the Piscis suite, where I saw Chelsea the other night. Inspection and money arrangements; again I paid for 45 minutes plus the bloody customary $50 for kissing (I’m taking a break from Stiletto after this!).


After the shower she got me a drink and we started pashing. The good thing I can say is that she certainly was ready to make up for the extra $50 because she did like DFK a lot.


Unfortunately, she put lube on her pussy far too soon; that and being not in the best of moods made me forget all together about DATY. Not sure if she offers it without a dam. She asked me to kiss her nipples for a while which I did and then she put a condom on me. The CBJ was far too brief now that I think about it. After a few minutes she jumped on top.


Sex overall, and across a few positions was actually okay and I had no problems coming. We had plenty of time to talk after sex. She is quite friendly and the chat was entertaining, but that was it, just another root that I will forget about as soon as I post this. As I said, at another parlour Jane would’ve been okay, but at Stiletto’s prices, make a revisit very unlikely.


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