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December 2010 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Megan Delaney) - Melbourne Tour




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Megan Delany, aka Megan, aka Wonderland.


Megan has been promising she'll grace we Melbournians with her presence for twelve months. Finally, she found a place to base herself, namely Ladies for Gentlemen in Richmond. After nagging this poor girl for months about dropping down she finally did and this is my report.


I only partly knew what to expect. I knew she was in her mid twenties and she was a larger bodied girl (well there's a "BBW" in her email address). Haha, there's a "69" too. I knew we didn't always see eye to eye. I knew there was something about her that interested me. Maybe it was because she was talkative and arguably opinionated. Maybe it was because she seemed to be open about things, a genuineness and an honesty. Maybe it was because she had a couple of good reviews on FIA. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe it’s because I'm still really a "punter" at heart. I don't know but I can report back that it was a very pleasant and positive experience.


It was 4pm and Megan's first appointment at LFG. I was feeling a sense of excitement about carrying out my duty as the self appointed, unofficial, one man welcoming committee at LFG. "Ring the buzzer Flexi" I said to myself when I realised I was staring at the CCTV camera. I was having lascivious thoughts of receptionist Rita, as I do. As it happened Rita was not on so Trudy answered the door. I enquired about Megan who was ready and waiting.


In addition to the earlier brief description, Megan had a face. A year of yakking online and I'd seen a number of body shots on her web site but I had no inkling of what her face was like. How does one describe a face. Well it’s a shape that suits the rest of her, roundish in shape but not moon faced. She has a little overbite, I'm a sucker for an overbite such as seen on Beverly d'Angelo from the Chevy Chase movies. Shoulder length light brown hair. I'd agree with the definition BBW but only just and she has a set of huge natural jugs that made for some nice titty games.


We went to the big double, double-bed room where we had a little chat before she gave me a full-on kiss on the mouth which held a lot of promise. I admit to having thoughts that this may not be on offer and I was prepared to run without it. There you go, a bonus. Megan was a terrific kisser, her lips a very soft and body temperature was good. She left me to shower. I sensed she was an intelligent girl which was confirmed during our chats. There were some abstract moments, like (hope she doesn't mind me saying) leaving her shoes in the room while she left me to shower and taking off and leaving the door wide open. Perhaps brothels in Sydney don't have doors :lol:


Time for a good scrub up after slaving all day over a hot keyboard and I was still drying off when she returned to the room. More kisses as she removed my towel. We fell on the bed and got stuck in. It was nice that she'd read enough of my reviews to know what I liked. As my mind is deteriorating, I can't remember the order that followed.


I can say though we worked our way through the acronyms. It was sexy the way Megan kept saying "kiss me" somewhere between a request and an order. There was a fair bit of kissing especially in mish. And of that quite a lot had some full-on tongue play. Nice bonus. Spanish (of course), doggy, legs together mish (finally someone gave me a name - she said it's called butterfly) and regular mish.


The blow job was nice for covered BJ. Good hand work around the base and eye contact was there although I think I had my eyes closed most of the time.


It was like we’d been together several times, Megan seemed to know me and made available certain activities as if I had told her what I wanted. DATY was very enjoyable and she seemed to enjoy but didn’t fully get off. Then some clitoral handwork while I swapped from her lips to her pendulous breasts.


After completing the sex act in mish we had 5 or 10 minutes left to chin wag. Megan’s a good listener and also has many views of her own. I could’ve chatted for ages. I suppose that’s what got us started in the first place. After the buzzer we jumped in the shower together, it was tight squeeze with the four of us jockeying for the water. (Megan, me and the left and right, :lol:)


In conclusion, I enjoyed our hour together, a great deal actually. She's bubbly, smart but not a smart arse. She BBW by name but not excessively so. She funny but haha not the gaga kind which all in all made for a fun booking. Her kissing was grouse and her BJ C was good. The other activities were all enjoyable and full on. I think she'd be quite a strong willed girl without being militant. All up, a big thumbs up from me for Megan and thanks to her for making the effort to visit Australia's premiere city. I reckon I’ll keep an eye out for the next visit.


Source: Ladies for Gentlemen - December 2010 - Megan Delaney


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