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Annaleise @ SX. Released August 2009



Ground control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown, engines on

Check ignition and may God's love be with you




And so I find myself in orbit heading towards Southside X to discover if there really is life on Mars. My last few missions on Planet SX have not been so successful. Many orbits but no landings. Being the groover that I am, I love to travel across parallel universes to explore neighbouring galaxies and their inhabitants.


I arrive at the premises and dock my spaceship out the back. Very groovy set up - lots of space docks and privacy assured. I notice a few other spaceships and hmmm, wonder about my chances of finding a suitable groovanaut.


This is ground control to Major Tom

You've really made the grade

And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear

Now its time to leave the capsule if you dare


I take my first step for groovekind and am greeted by Cheryl at reception. I remember her from previous visits and engage in some banter like long lost inter-galactic friends. I like Cheryl.


I ask if there is anyone available and it appears I am in luck and led into the intro room. It's small, dark and has an archaic TV playing porn. Where’s the LCD or plasma? It’s not as if I am asking for an LED or a theatre room. But, the room does have an electronic screen telling you who is available, who is busy and how long they will be. Gotta luv that, it’s so groovy.


OK, back to the mission at hand as I proceed to select my travelling companion.


Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles I'm feeling very still

And I think my spaceship knows which way to go


I decide on Annaleise. She is one tall groovanaut. Eat your heart out Gigantor the space age robot and oh so much better looking. Australian, blonde, 5'11 (without heels), mid to late 20’s, size 12 and great cleavage. Annaleise is down to earth, intelligent, cheeky, fun and has a groovy personality. I enquire about her servies and am informed DATY is on the menu but no DFK. She has won me over even though I am ideally looking for both DFK and DATY.


With financials out the way it's upstairs into the capsule to prepare for lift off. Great room set up here - spacious, big bed, double shower, bath and very clean.


Annaliese grooves in and removes her space suit. Who, this groovanaut looks even better in her birtday suit. Soooooo curvaceous, groovacious, soft and enticing. Not bad for an earthling, not at all. All natural too and would be about about a size C-D.


The lights dim down. A bit too dim for my liking but your eyes soon adjust. No mucking around here either. Annaliese tells me to get on my back. Being the gentleman that I am I acquiesce. The licking and body kissing starts with a lotta attention paid to the groovatron and surrounding regions. It's her specialty satellite dish and you can see she enjoys it.


We move onto DATY. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful; great scenery, bouquet and taste. All systems are go. The DATY goes on for a while when I notice I am not getting the desired response.


Ground control to Major Tom

Your circuits dead, there's something wrong

Can you hear me, Major Tom?


I check with Houston and run a diagnostic but it's all to no avail.


Planet earth is blue

And there's nothing I can do.


Inwardly despondent, I change the flight path and enter the new coordinates - 696969. We move into position which feels groovy. Soon the groovatron's thrusters fire up. I ponder my next move and I am content for Annaliese to finish of the mission with the CBJ.


The lights in the room starts to get brighter - SX equivalent of buzzer - as we shower before we bid each other adieu.


I'm still floating in a most peculiar way about this mission groovers; in particular the DATY landing. Great gal, fun, groovy personality and I really liked her. Notwithstanding, for me, it just didn’t translate to a mission that grooved me to the chunk funk max. Your mission may vary space cadets.


Roger and out


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