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Becky @ LFG. Released July 2009



I was feeling exceptionally groovy and happy. No real reason for my joyous vibe. And then it dawned on me we don't need a reason to feel groovy and celebrate. We just accept.


Celebrate good times, come on!


My first port of call was Barabings as I was interested to meet Bambi. Alas, the lovely Fetisha tells me Bambi is otherwise occupied. Initially disappointed, I turn my frown upside down and continue my journey along the groovy brick road.


Next stop was Le Boudoir. Lo and behold I walked most of the way along Rokeby St and missed it. Clearly this was not my destiny either. Undeterred I head on down to LFG.


there's a party goin' on right here

a celebration to last throughout the years


There are two groovy gals on offer – Kimmy and Becky. Becky was first – Australian (emmigrated from England when young), mid 40’s, 12-14C, long dark hair and very cute face notwithstanding years. (Think Delilah and Mia re shape but just not quite as curvy). Becky intro’d really well – very bubbly and said she did everything except anal and unprotected services. Yeah I liked her. She seemed groovy. Next up Kimmy. Nice young gal but in the end, didn't tick my boxes or come across as well as Becky.


Becky and I groove on up the stairs. She runs the shower and tells me to get ready. She further adds time will start when she returns. Nice, reassuring touch I think to myself. I pop in for a splish-splash, have a swig of the Listerine (green one) and start drying myself off.


so bring your good times, and your laughter too

we gonna celebrate your party with you


Becky returns just as I am drying off. She’s wearing a tight top that also serves as the dress. She takes it off to reveal her body and little G string. To be honest I have seen better but hey, it did not worry me. She has a spark about her and I am excited and laughing with her.


it's time to come together

it's up to you, what's your pleasure


Start off with a short massage on my back before rolling over for some full frontal action and attention. She lines up the condoms when I suggest I go down on her first. What follows is some intense DFK, body licking and good ole DATY. Becky is trimmed and beautiful to dine on. A smorgasbord in fact. Becky was responding well.


My turn next (rolling onto my back) as Becky starts the caressing and lubing of the little fella as we continue to pash. On with the connie for some good CBJ action that goes on and on and on and on. I could barely, barely, barely control myself it was so good. Lots of spit, slip, slop and slapping. The sound alone was a symphony to my ears. I was watching her go down on me and devour the shaft in the mirrors. With the touch of her hair falling on my body I was in absolute heaven.


I could have been satisfied with this to the end but decided the now big, bulbous fella needed to finish off with pussy. So on with the connie for some cowgirl and mish action for the finale. Yep, the show went off with a big bang.


A great, great session and a great gal. We even went over time a bit. You know, I wouldn’t have expected it at the outset (looks alone) even though the intro signs were there. I am so glad I backed my judgement. I would have no hesitation seeing her again. Quite possibly my best punt of the year.


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