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Pink @ Tender Touch. Released May 2009



In search of new horizons and adventures I found myself before the Hellenic pillars that adorn the historic landmark, Tender Touch - the temple of groove. Driven by powerful, guiding forces rendering me powerless, I enter cautiously. Or maybe not...


Makin my connection as I enter the room

Everybody's chillin as I set up the groove


Three WLs are available: Honey, Kara (I think) and Pink. I am torn between Honey and Pink but ultimately swayed by Pink's looks: Korean, early to mid 20's, 5'8ish, long dark hair with red highlights and her outfit - a groovy 2 piece pink and white ensemble. The choice is made....


Upstairs into the room for a shower and I am ready to groove. There's no listerine but it doesn't matter as Pink enters and disrobes. I look at her long, straight hair that nearly reaches down to her cheeks and the 2 tatts joined together by some script. It looks very groovy and somehow complements the aura of sultry innocence that she exudes.


I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started

I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started


Onto the bed and we commence with a traditional caressing and familiarisation ritual. Pink feels so soft with the touch of her long mane falling on my body very, very arousing. From here there's nipple kissing as she progresses to a cat bath and BBBJ. Great tongue technique that has the groovatron grooved up and primed with groove juice in no time at all. There isn't much talking due to the language barrier and I motion Pink into a 69 position. I try for some DATY but it's not on offer. On with the rubber for some CBJ to fine tune the groovatron as we enter into a groovy sequence of missionary, cowgirl and a final act of missionary.


I'm your operator, you can call anytime

I'll be your connection to the party line


Clean up, shower and dress. On my way out Pink fixes my tie and holds my hand down the stairs. It's more than a groovy, farewell touch. It's a TENDER TOUCH.


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