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Sarah @ Grosvenor. Released April 2009



It's been a while between groove juices. While the thirst has been there, the gods and moons that rule my universes have held other groovy pursuits for me. That was, until the sisters of destiny start singing to me............


Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight, gonna grab some afternoon delight.

My motto's always been when it's right, it's right, why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.

I'm singing the chorus now in the Grosvenor intro room. There are two afternoon delights on offer pour moi: Violet and Sarah. Violet is asian, very sexy and comes at ya like a groove express. It is hard hard to say no to this groovy gal but I do. I have met Violet at intros before and she doesn't kiss and DATY - so she says which rules her out on this occasion.


Sarah moonwalks in next. She's petite, late 30's, size 10ish and a very cute, ashen blonde who says all the right things and ticks the check boxes. Pay my dues and head off to room. It's a downstairs room which I admittedly find a tad small. I prefer upstairs but am content in the knowledge the room comes complete with a groovy gal, bed, shower and listerine - the blue one.


The session commences with back rub and Sarah gliding her breasts over me. Felt OK but would have been so much groovier with more pressure. Kinda lacked sensuality IMO. Onto front and more rubbing, gliding and nipple kissing action. I sense no groove thing happening and am not even inclined to pursue kissing. Sarah starts working on groovy junior as we get into a long, long, long 69 session. I start some digital insertion and Sarah has no objections. I assume the ten pin bowling grip and work my way to getting a strike while Sarah is feverishly rubbing herself in between tongue strokes. It appears to be working with Sarah making all the right sounds and motions. I blow my load and continue to groove Sarah. She smells and tastes so sweet.


Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight

Afternoon delight.


The buzzer goes to end our session. I am satisfied having whet my appetite but not feeling exhilarated. Sarah is a groovy gal and we had groovy fun but there was no groove connection.


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