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Shandy @ Grosvenor. Released July 2009



I was at work looking out the window. Not much happening when I again heard my calling. Only this time, it wasn’t the sirens…


gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf

and just enjoy yourself


And before you could sing “we’re the party people night and day, livin’ crazy that’s the only way” I found myself moonwalking to the Grosvenor..


Awaiting me at reception was a stunning blonde. Vanessa, I recollect was her name, and things were already looking good. I am directed to the timeless intro room around the corner and await the delights on offer. One of them was Violet who, as always, seduces and captivates me. I enquire about kissing and DATY, as always, and again, Violet indicates they are not on the menu. Based on reviews I have read I felt like saying “uhuh uhuh yeah" but in the end refrain and respect her wishes. There was also Stella, a new girl she tells me. Very friendly, vivacious and further, compliments me on my attire. Very groovy move I think to myself and store her in my memory bank.


In the end I picked Shandy. She’s cute, Australian, 25ish, blonde and came across with a groovy warmth that endeared me to her. With that I settle the finances and make my way to the room with my chosen one.


gotta hide your inhibitions

gotta let that fool loose deep inside your soul

want to see an exhibition

better do it now before you get too old


Shandy runs the shower for me, tells me to pop in and wait for her. I spot the Listerine and have a swig, as I always do. It’s the blue one – previously my fave although now I do really love the new purple one.


Hmmmmm Shandy is taking a while (not a good sign) as I wait on the bed striking my sexy pose for her return. She does so and has with her a glass of H2O pour moi. Now how can you get mad at an angel like that! Really, that’s the type of gal she is as I soon discovered.


No massage or teasers on this occasion as we get into the body familiarisation ritual straight away. Shandy smells and tastes groovelicious as we get to know each other a bit more intimately. I soon make my move and head for netherland, the grooviest place on earth. I dine, dine and dine and enjoy what nature’s finest has to offer for what seems like an eternity. I try for some ten pin bowling but the alley is not open. Oh well, more DATY.


My turn next as Shandy becomes better acquainted with Groovezilla. The little fella is not on his best behaviour which doesn’t deter Shandy one iota. I sit back and relax and let Shandy lead this dance and do her groove thang. She shows him much love and attention and treats him to caressing, CBJing, caressing, CBJing, more CBJing and more caressing. Yep, I was very relaxed and floating on the clouds. Groovezilla eventually warms to Shandy (how could he not, she’s an angel) as she hops on for a groovy session of cowgirl. Conscious of the time (1/2 hour booking only) we get past the finishing post in this position.


I note the time, as always, and see we have gone past the ½ hour as we happily have our showers, get dressed and part with sweet sorrow.


Shandy is really nice and genuine - there is no air of pretentiousness about her. She can also carry a good conversation which I think is so groovy. A thoroughly enjoyable session. I’d have no hesitation seeing her again.




life aint so bad at all if you live it off the wall

life aint so bad at all (live life off the wall)

live your life off the wall (live it off the wall)


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