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November 2010 - Private (ACT) (Ambrosia Rose) - Melbourne Tour




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As part of my mini "Private Escort" campaign of 2010, I decided it would be pleasant to make the acquaintance of Ambrosia Rose (aka Amber) during her November, Melbourne tour. Amber was easy to communicate with throughout the planning process. Arrangements were made on email without any fuss and on the day, we zeroed in using text messages.


Amber greeted me with a kiss. It was a pleasant surprise to finally meet her. Most of her face pics are blurred out so it's hard to form a solid prior opinion. I'd heard from another W/L that she is very pretty and that she's a Wether Reecespoon look alike. Both comments are quite true. Pretty platinum blonde, sweet smelling, shoulder length hair, elegant dangly earrings and well presented eyes complete the face. From a face man POV, Amber gets a gold star.


The lady is curvy and has a set of breasts to please the most fastidious large-breast lover. Large, natural, round and downright pretty. Bursting from their restraints, they were a treat to look at and imagine naked.


Of medium height, about 165cm, this early- to mid-twenty year old also sports an attractive, well proportioned butt and a set of cute, little Lexi-like feet. She also has an attractive, tasty and responsive, shaved pussy. She was to my taste, a very nice package. Some may like there gals a little slimmer but not this little black duck.


We started with a little chat and a drink. A little more chat turned into settling the money, $300 for an hour and a health check. It surprised me a little but not unreasonable I suppose, given we'd never met before.


After everything was settled, we hopped on the bed, I was in my birthday suit and Amber was still in her purple lingerie. It wasn't long before we were engaged in some pretty fair kissing, it wasn't DFK but I felt a light tongue flick from time to time. It was time to let the puppies out for a run. I checked with Amber and she said her nipples are sensitive so I was gentle. I've seen some gorgeous boobies lately and these were up there.


Next stop was her right foot. She said she was a little ticklish but I never saw any sign of it. She appeared to enjoy the attention to her feet and in fact instructed me to give the other one a similar workout.


I'd read that this girl loves DATY. She certainly did seem to enjoy it and for my part it was a pleasure as well. Her response was gentle but enthusiastic. We revisited it again later in the booking. Having enjoyed the front of her it was time to enjoy the back of her. Firstly, I slid down her shoulders and back with my tongue. All the way down to her feet again for another oral foot massage then back up to the delicious centre of attention. Amber really enjoyed the attention my tongue was paying to her rear end and I was getting off on it as well. Introducing the FIP followed by the simultaneously introducing the FIA was next. The DP was satisfying for both parties and continued for some time.


Extract the digit (as they say), roll over and it was time for BJ. Amber advertises safe sex but I guess we all live in hope that the reality of it is somewhat different. Not to worry, on with the connie and lay back for a pretty serviceable CBJ. It was quite firm with a good share of tongue massage and some elements of DT (a topic I think we need to discuss elsewhere).


Round 2 of DATY brought us to point where I was getting keen to penetrate. We began in mish with Amber raising her separated legs which morphed to legs together which IMO always creates an amazing feeling that is only available in that position. Throughout the sex there was light but nice kissing of mouths, necks, ears, etc. and of course Amber’s very pretty face to gaze at.


Afterwards we had a chat and some more mineral water and it was time to clean up and go our separate ways.


Thinking back as I was writing my concluding remarks, I'm thinking great looking girl, great service, includes all activities, etc, etc. I don’t think we clicked a great deal which is probably reflective of a first meeting. There were certainly enough positives to warrant a rematch.


Source: Private (ACT) - November 2010 - Ambrosia Rose

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Hi, are you referring to rimming? 


Amber really enjoyed the attention my tongue was paying to her rear end and I was getting off on it as well



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