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Stiletto - 14/07/07 - Chelsea



Quite a fair bit has been happening in my non-punting life, including a romance that burned very brightly yet far too quickly and the flu.




Many years ago, a gypsy woman came to me when I was sitting at a café and asked for some money. I told her off and she cursed me: “You will be alone all of your life!” Of course, I laughed at her but every once in while I look back and I wonder about the power of this curse, and even when I don’t believe in those things, there seems to be nothing in my life able to prove this gypsy woman wrong.


Other than moments like now, when a wound is still fresh, I have come to romanticise this curse and live with it as if it was a very part of myself that I don’t want to go away. But such is the arrogance of a young man, that an older me, maybe for wisdom, maybe for weakness, has trouble embracing as much as I did before. So, like a drunk reaching for the bottle, it was a few Saturdays ago that I reached again for the only form of drug that makes me happy: sex.


I actually kept hesitating the whole day whether I should go punting, and as the day got colder and darker, it became an inevitable option. I went to Stiletto, to see if Annalise was there as I had been meaning to meet her from long ago. The God of Synchronicity once again prevented me from meeting her as she was running late.


In the absence of Annalise, they offered me to bring the other girls for a line-up. Line-ups at Stiletto are long, hence you don’t have much time to ask questions. You may ask for a girl to return if you feel like, but as for that night I certainly didn’t. I just wanted to go to a room with one of them and see if that drug worked. From all the girls, only one caught my eye in terms of warmth and looks; a very petite girl called Chelsea who had come from interstate to do some shifts.




Chelsea led me to room number 1, aka The Pisces Suite. It’s just another nice room typical of Stiletto with all the usual facilities including minibar. I was going to book Chelsea for one hour but since she charges $50 extra for kissing, I booked her for 45 minutes and paid the extra. Sorry guys, I hate paying for extras but that night it simply wouldn’t have worked without a bit of GFE.


Chelsea is a tiny size 6 (or less if that’s possible) yet with a fantastic proportionate sexy body. Small boobs, maybe A or B cups and a fantastic little arse, that she called the “Crown Jewell” herself and she’s right. She’s a blonde these days, yet she admits this hasn’t always been the case. Very beautiful blue eyes and a Colgate smile. Her face reminds me a bit of Denise Richards.


I finished the shower as Chelsea fixed me a drink and we joined in bed right after. Chelsea asked me what did I like, and I told her that I was a guy easy to please. We took the booking in a tongue in cheek manner. We started pashing and then she presented me her butt for me to play with for a little while. I turned her around and made my way to her pussy. Not only she did not have any problems with me going down (I had paid extra for kissing, so DATY was still uncertain until then) but she became a very active recipient adding a few requests and getting very wet. We pashed a bit more and then she put a condom on me to return the favour. It was a good CBJ and what I liked the most is the way she looks at you while sucking. She is a very pretty girl.


The time came for her to mount on top of me and I have to say that she makes you feel much more endowed than what you really are since she’s so tiny and you get the impression you’ll break her even when she obviously can handle more than you could imagine. While jumping on top of me, she let her body fall backwards and this allowed for a perfect view of Little AndyJ entering her pussy for a while.


She then asked me to change to missionary, and she never felt so small as in this position. We kissed again, and we changed to doggy, where the mirror and sparks of PSE lifted my spirit. She finally went flat on her tummy and not long after I came this way.


During the post-coital chat, Chelsea thanked me for cheering her up since according to her she was in a bad mood before I arrived. I thanked her as well.


We had our shower and Chelsea walked me out and kissed me goodbye. The punting drug did not work for very long but it made my night a better one. In any case, even when I wasn’t in a very demanding mood, I’d rate Chelsea as a very nice girl capable of giving a good time.


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