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Candy Club - 16/04/07 - Amber (plus my first 2 reviews of AJL as a Private)



Not very often I review a girl for a second time, but I owe it to Amber (first review here), not only because she’s pretty and I like her, but also because I know she got herself in a little trouble for allowing such a great time in the room, so good that we did not take notice of time and went over for 15 minutes over the end of the hour.




After a series of romps around Melbourne over the weekend, my only chance of seeing Amber was on the Monday during the day and so I made a booking for 2pm. I had lunch with a fellow punter (also a connoisseur of Amber’s delights) who after lunch dropped me right on time at the Candy Club and even offered me some help with Amber, which I gently declined.


Amber was ready for my booking, so no time was wasted at all with the proceedings. She was looking blonder than last time I saw her and for some reason her height surprised me, at 170 cm this is a tallish girl and for some reason I remembered her somewhat shorter, yet she assured me that she had not grown in three years or so. She did recognise me from last time we saw but she had not put 2 and 2 together about me being the evil AndyJ.




We certainly did not waste any time talking about Internet forums; it would be crazy to do so with such a hottie willing to go straight into the action. Now, Amber charges a bit extra for DFK, which I did not pay as the tight arse I am. I explained to her that extras at brothels are against my religion; she understood and in the end I was happy with the little samples she generously gave me during the session.


And so the session started with some playing around but since Amber is quite a decisive girl, as soon as little AndyJ was ready to join the party, Amber put a condom on him, who whinged a bit, and off we went with some 69 magic moments. Something I remember from my first time with her, is how accurately and without second thoughts, Amber shoves her magnificent little pussy straight into your mouth. This girl has certainly seen much more porn than I.


After orally pleasing each other, we were ready for the main course. Amber is very accommodating and you won’t be disappointed. We did a bit of Amber grinding on top… (she did offer me “jumping or grinding?”… isn’t that the sign of a great hostess?)


Before continuing with another position, she went out for a second to get a condom that little AndyJ wouldn’t roll up with the little hands he has on his base. So once with a looser jacket and a bit more of room to move inside, still annoyed at me for warning Amber, little AndyJ continued being pampered in that position for a while, until we switched to doggy.


There isn’t anything about this girl I like more than her little bum and her thick lips. I did not last long doing it from behind, there is something fantastic about shagging someone like Amber, who could be that chick you’ve been lusting for all night at a nightclub, and that I normally wouldn’t have a chance with (hey, I don’t even bother with nightclubs!). The magic it’s multiplied when while pounding her, she asks you to “fuck her”. I know many other WLs who would sound fake by saying that, but with Amber is part of the game. And a beautiful game is all with her, there is a certain childish quality to her (and not in a paedophilic kind of way, she’s in her early twenties) which leads you to indulge every one of her requests. (“I’m a spoiled brat” she said at some stage and even that sounded extremely cute… how wouldn’t she?)


As I said, despite my misbehaving during the weekend, round one did not last long… and yes there was also a successful round two, which speaks volumes of this girl. On top of that we had a great conversation in between games, where for a moment I was enjoying her being so natural and realising how comfortable she looked too; a little moment in between the sexual manoeuvres, from which I detached myself for a second or two, let my soul fly above and observe one of those few moments of absolute happiness that life has scarcely prepared for us. Money can buy you the way into the sexual act but that little moment which I was observing with us chatting and laughing naked on a bed, and that she was probably oblivious about, is absolutely priceless.


Maybe the expression on my face was a giveaway since she asked me … “You’re not the touchy feely type, are you?” And it wasn’t that, even if sometimes I am, and others I am not… but with Amber, there’s no point, you would be missing on the great Amber PSE experience, so when you see her, for your own good, let her run the show. I did feel a bit embarrassed when during the final shower, I couldn’t lie to her and confessed that at 6pm I had an appointment to see Rebecca at the G, another great girl. My Melbourne long weekend had a single glitch but overall, just look at how badly I treated myself on the last 2 days: Haley at TMC, Amber at CC, Rebecca at the G… well I could certainly retire after that (but such a trio it’s a great incentive to do otherwise!)


I only found out on the following day that the session with Amber had gone for that long and I hope she didn’t run into too much trouble. We certainly did not hear the buzzer any earlier. In any case, Amber, thank you and I’ll make it up to you next time I see you.


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Private (VIC) - 25/08/07 - AJL
Review (Digitally Remastered) by AndyJ

The idea of seeing Amber privately was born the very same day she told me that she'd be up to it. That was actually the second time I saw her at the Candy Club and the last before this one.


Now successful as a plan, I have no problem in admitting that this was the main reason that made me visit Melbourne this time, even if the overall purpose was a change of scenery too. I often can stay with friends in Melbourne but I had already exchanged PMs with Amber trying to work out a plan, so I went for a serviced apartment in the city to make things easier. Now, I left the possibility of visiting her at Barabing's still open. However, once I was down in Melbourne we agreed via PM on a two hours visit.

And the deal was sealed for 6 pm on the following evening. Since I still had a full night and day ahead of that, I couldn't wait for the moment to arrive.

In the morning she texted me to see if I had a CD player. I certainly didn't, the service apartment I was staying was extremely basic, but she said not to worry and that she would get one, which was very nice of her. In the meantime I did my traditional Saturday pilgrimage to South Yarra, where I always have a lamb souvlaki, perv on the chicks doing shopping and visit the Prahan markets. While there I bought some strawberries coated on Belgian chocolate (some zinc would come in handy!) and picked up a bottle of wine too. Mind you, my serviced apartment with Indian students cooking next door wasn't the ideal venue for a romantic soiree but hopefully it was still better than seeing Amber at Barabing's.

Closer to the apartment I did other things, like buying decent liquid soap and some toilet paper that you could use unlike the sand paper provided by the service apartment. blush.gif

The time arrived, and Amber arrived on the dot. I went downstairs to walk her up and surprise, surprise, she's sporting shorter hair these days. Mind you, I always prefer long hair in women and apparently this was only the product of some fashion job gone wrong... but she looked lovely nonetheless; very casual of course, in jeans and a sweater, carrying a bag with the CD player and a CD that she had burnt for the occasion and that she gave it to me at the end.


I had warned Amber of the modest venue. Luckily she expected a real dump so she was favourably surprised. Now, if you like me thought that the first thing was having a glass of wine, you're wrong... but it would only take knowing Amber a bit to know that this girl always cuts to the chase. As soon as I closed the door, she started deep French kissing me. Let me tell you that this is a new experience with her because as the tight arse I am, I've never paid her for extras at the Candy Club, so in the past she had only lip kissed me with the occasional tongue, but nothing like this!

So, straight to the bed it was, where we got rid of our clothes bar her knickers and after a bit more pashing, she made her way down to Little AJ and began kissing him. It was a Kodak moment but I didn't have a camera. Seeing a pretty girl like this doing that is always a real pleasure. After a while of me enjoying that, with her porn star look into my eyes as she licked Little AndyJ, and some teasing, I removed her knickers and suggested to do some 69 action.

After that, I asked Amber to turn around for a bit of buttcheek action. She asked me if I was going to give her a bodyslide and laughed, and in a way it was a bodyslide concentrated in a very small area, her butt crack! smile.gif

Not long after, the time arrived to shag her, so she reached for a condom but it was too tight; so I volunteered to use one of mine. I had quite a few to pick from, and we went for the Glyde Unique Non Latex Condom, which I had not tried yet. Now, let me tell you that this condom is very light but very strange indeed; it just looks like plastic food wrap. Tricky to put on and we were a tad skeptic about it. However, once I put Little AJ inside Amber, I could feel her warmth in a way that latex simply does not carry. So, all it was left was blocking the thought I had some cling wrap around my willy and fornicate.

We started with Amber on top, a position that she's quite good at but soon we changed to missionary because I certainly wanted to pash her while shagging her. Not surprisingly I didn't last long (despite I had been mongering on the previous days) and I came. I was hoping that the condom was still on, because I couldn't feel it by then but yes, it was still there and intact.

We went to the bathroom for a quick rinse, and after that, we sat to have the strawberries and the wine. It was a very nice conversation; Amber is very upfront about pretty much everything.

Round two started with a great BJ, better than the first one with a little bit more pressure; still tooth-free though; she is highly skilled at that! LOL... I did return the favour, of course. With both of us quite excited and stimulated we managed to achieve a successful happy ending!

Another shower and more than two hours had passed already (and don't ask me how; yes, I only came twice but we didn't waste any time really). Amber excused herself and kissed me goodnight. A fantastic night to remember for a long time to come. biggrin.gif

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Private (VIC) - 17/11/07 - AJL (NSW Tour)
AndyJ meets Amber's new boobs

One of the bad things about going away and shag overseas beauties is that sometimes you miss out on some of your favourite girls coming to town. That’s what happened when Amber hit Sydney back in October but she promised me that she’d be back, and not only she did briefly but also let me know well ahead so I wouldn’t miss out again.


Now, my immediately previous act of debauchery was shagging four girls at the FKK Artemis in Berlin… and here I was for more action while still a bit jetlagged. But I knew even by then that this weekend I would be seeing Amber and getting acquainted with her new puppies.

The rendezvous ended up being a tad earlier than expected; I was out having breakfast when Amber called me. I finished and came home to have a second shower and get rid of the eggs and bacon smell. I didn’t have time to buy anything to take with me, so I grabbed a bottle of Champagne I happened to have at home (thanks to whoever gave it to me, it came in very handy!). Got dressed and after a technical stop at the ATM, I headed straight to Circular Quay, which is where Amber was staying. I couldn’t find the address, so Amber came to find me downstairs.

I had already seen Amber with short hair but now she has gone platinum blonde with a subtle trace of purple. Now, having had talked so much about her puppies (and even when she so kindly sent me a photo after the operation), I was still expecting to see a porn star with a massive enhanced chest walking down the quays, but nothing could’ve been further from the truth. There was no way of telling about the enhancement with the loose dress Amber was wearing. So, I would have to wait to go upstairs to see the difference.

The room wasn’t ready, so she invited me to have a coffee while we waited. The weather was glorious and it felt really nice to have a relaxing moment that time of the day. After a little while, we went up to the room.

What great view! What a gorgeous weather! What a fantastic shag I was about to have with the whole of Sydney’s financial district being able to watch us through the glass windows because even the bedroom was open to the view (So, if you were doing some extra hours on a Saturday, I was the lucky bastard who was shagging the blonde around lunch time… and if you happen to have any photos of us, please send them in!).


We opened the bottle of Champagne and had a glass as Amber slipped into something more comfortable, that being panties and bra. Now, have I mentioned that I love Amber’s butt? So cute and curvy!… The panties enhanced the fantastic shape of her butt cheeks like good lingerie tends to do. That was when I was nagged by Amber for not saying anything about her new boobies… after all that was the first time I was seeing them even through a semi-transparent bra. How rude of me!… because how lovely they are, just the right size for this girl. They do feel great when you touch them too, very natural and not hard like others I have experienced in the past.

We started by pashing on the sofa. I’m sure I have already raved about the thick lips of this girl in some previous review, but now thanks to the very bright environment, I was able to observe how deep blue Amber’s eyes are. As great as the kissing was, the sofa was probing too small for us, so we decided to move to the bedroom. Amber gave me a beautiful blowjob, which not long after became a 69 with me returning the favour simultaneously. It went for a blissful while but I knew that if I really want to make Amber happy, the position needed to change to her squatting on my mouth. And so it happened that soon after a serious tongue workout, she came… and certainly no theatrics were involved here.

Now, Amber knows by now that I don’t get straight into shagging but do everything that is doable as a tease before the main course. So, there was a lot of teasing with Little AndyJ sliding in and out Amber’s butt cheeks and Amber’s legs.

Once we got on for real, it was a long shag and I wasn’t in top form. Maybe the jetlag, maybe too much shagging overseas. I would have preferred seeing Amber when I’m feeling sex-starved , not soon after coming back from a FKK!… It’s like when someone offers you a fantastic dessert after you’ve already had plenty… so as great as it was, I took me a while to come. We certainly went through several positions, from cowboy to caterpillar. Eventually I came and collapsed on top of her.

We had another glass of Champagne and remained in bed relaxing, hugging and chatting. For a moment I thought there was no point in trying a second round; it was very nice to just lie there with the sunshine coming through the window and such a splendid company. However, I have previously told you about Amber’s hard work ethic and soon after a bit of kissing gave me the courage I needed to perform a second time. Granted, the credit goes to Amber for achieving the very difficult and making me come a second time with a combination of hand and mouth, once my body didn’t want more exercise.

After a shower, I met Amber at the balcony and I almost forgot I was butt naked. Amber encouraged me to step out like that, but I chickened out in the end and put my underwear on for the last minutes of our rendezvous. Some Japanese tourist may very well have a photographic memento of us!

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