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Bedroom Eyes - 21/09/09 - Jasmine



I needed some company tonight in the form of a female companion and noticed some new posts by BRE.


I had actually wanted to book Madeline but she was away and Macy told me they had a new girl named Jasmine coming in tonight.

I was keen to see someone as I had lost someone dear to me recently and also have a birthday coming up soon so I figured it would not hurt to see what talent Macy has recruited.


Both Alex and Macy were very patient in fielding my inquiries. They really know customer service and make you feel very valued.

I remember dealing with Charmed Escorts several years ago and for the price you pay and for what you get, it was not worth the experience of the



I went to a place in the city that was just a building and a bit over from the last one I went to when I saw Brooke.


I knocked on the door and a beautiful young girl with short, dyed dark hair opened up to greet me. Jasmine was very warm and eager to get things started.


She was just as described to me. Big blue eyes, perky B cupped breasts with nice nipples, ~168 cm tall and probably 47 kg like they mention on the website. She's pretty fit and is a pretty tight package. She has some cute freckles that I liked.


There was a bottle of wine there that BRE had kindly provided for us. It was quite a welcome surprise.


So onto the review. I can't write something like the other boys do but I can tell you this.

She is really enthusiastic and is determined to get you off. She pushed me on the bed and I let her do her thing. She was a great kisser and

used some tongue. She really got into it.


Great BJ and she worked everything around very nicely. She has cute pink lips that she allowed me to go down on and was pretty responsive to

a gentle finger. By the time it came to sex, I sadly admit that I did not last very long at all. She just worked me so quickly I did not know

what happened until it was over. I only wish I was in a better headspace to enjoy the vigourous pumping.


Thankfully, it was still early in the hour so we sat, sipped the wine for a bit and chatted.

She tells me she has done work as a stripper before (she is a very busy 18 year old) which explains why she is so comfortable with her body.

She is a really fun girl to hang out with. We probably could have spent the rest of the session chatting but it was her that brought me

back to the bed.


Now how good is that gents? She even said she wanted to make sure I got my money's worth.

Quality. Most girls would be happy to fuck you once and leave you. This girl kept trying to get

me over the line again.


She had so much energy that I just could not meet tonight. She was happy to give me a short masturbation show

before I could get started again. She tried really hard to get me going when I was soft

and I appreciated her effort. We finally got there in the end and went for some very responsive doggy.

Her ass is just fantastic for that and I got there in the end. I wasn't at my best but she certainly worked

me like a pro. I had some issues with the condom (did not like the fit) and am contemplating brining my own for

future events.


I had a good time though my performance was horrible. She was very understanding and we went our seperate ways.


Alex was good to even text me afterwards to check on me.

If you guys want a young, small, enthusiastic stripper, you should make some time to see her during the week.

I think I will have to wait until I am better again before another booking with any girl. I'm quite embarrassed by

the poor effort on my part but I suppose I am finally getting old.


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