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116 Hampden Rd, Artarmon - xx/09/07 - receptionist!



Ha, 116 Hampden Rd, my old stomping ground for this Sydney boy. (it actually makes Barabings look 5 star!).


I'm up in Sydney last year, and after a business appointment nearby, I convince a collegue to drop me of at the railway station, he can't understand why. But after some great experiences, over the previous few years at this asian R&T joint, I thought, what the heck, drop in for old times sake.


Up the stairs with suitcase in hand, and wow, the receptionist still remembers me from 3 months prior. You don't get a choice of ladies here, so it's a real lottery. Anyway all the girls are busy, so the receptionist takes me back of house to the tea room where the WL wait. We chat a while, before she offers me her services. She's an older girl, with a great figure, and wicked nature, and a bit of a tease.


We leave my bag, and head off to a room. A trip down the hallway to the shared shower, and back to the room and on to the massage table. She drops her jeans to the floor, revealing some well worn lingerie. She' standing next to the table, and leans over me, and gives one of the hardest CBJ I've experienced. She jumps on top of me cowgirl style, and pumps away, her long here trashing about. The phone rings, and she's off, leaving me half way thru the job....how bizarre, anyway, a little slow down was in order. The door opens, she's back and very apologetic, and back on to me again. She finally blows me away, finishes with a little massage, and I'm back down the hall for a shower.


Find my bag, and off to catch a train to the airport.


ha ha ha




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