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November 2010 - Naughty Times (TS Jennifer) - Finally Snagged Her




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Some of you may remember my first review of Jennifer at FIA, it's in my 2010 Reviews blog here in any case. I think it was my longest review ever, lol and all 'n all got a pretty good response showing just how broad minded people can be. Anyway I'm not going to repeat the same details here but I do propose to update them and hope I can still count on your acceptance and respect that we are all different punters with varying tastes. For me, punting success is achieving the broadest possible range of experiences.


In my last review I explained that I'd seen Jen many times over a span of about seven years. She's one of my all time favs. I also explained that in all those meetings I never successfully buried the salami. That, in part, is the point of this review while the other reason is merely an update and introduction of Jennifer to PP.


I last saw Jen in October and it was a brilliant meeting. It started quite typically with some getting naked and some light kisses which suddenly got more passionate and deeper. I was laying on top of her by this stage, rubbing our groins together at one end and just short of DFK at the other. She lifted her legs so the rubbing became more around the date area. Sliding along her crack while kissing her very soft lips was blowing my mind. I wasn't far off wanting to take the plunge. She then started jerking us both off with one hand which felt ok. Then I did the same in return which was also pleasant. Anyway to cut a long story short, a snagging was not to be, that time. However, while we remained on the bed after a trademark BJ, I asked Jenny if I could root her next time we met with which she was more than happy.


Move ahead to more recently. I sent her a text saying "I want to shag you babe" to which she replied "I'm ready and thanks" lol. How nice.


Move ahead to the meeting. I was waiting in great anticipation for the time to arrive, horny as a white rhinoceros and eager to inject my schlong into her cute freckle. Much the same as before: shower, small talk, touching, kissing, licking, sucking, licking, kissing, sucking, etc, etc until I couldn't be patient any longer.


"Babe, come on, let's do it, I'm dying to fuck your arse." She applied a wet suit to flexi and some lube to her coite as the moment of truth was approaching. Was flexi going to lose interest as he had the last time we tried this. To cut a long story short, nope, Jen's pretty little autoprofessor got well and truly shagged. She made the sounds of pleasure as she insisted I pound her harder.



I was kneeling behind her and I'm sure can picture her relative position. It felt different to a pussy. Tighter at first and like it wanted to pop out if the stroke became to long. After a short while it felt much the same as a pussy. Being hardly aware of the stiffness it caused in my knees and with the cadence increasing I could feel that unmistakable tingle grow inside flexi, the moment when we face the age old dilemma. Do I try to prolong this gorgeous tingle or just let go and collapse under the strength sapping pleasure of a powerful orgasm. Well, matters were taken from my hands. Jenny reached underneath and tickled my balls. That was it, I filled the connie in a temple popping explosion. She looked up and said "well, that was nice". With my faith in flexi restored it was agreed this may become a more common activity at our meetings.



Last time I reviewed Jennifer, I had some PM feedback that she didn't kiss and insisted on receiving a BJ C. I'm sure that's so, and I can't offer any explanation other than she maybe grandfathering services she began with. Maybe she's changed her offering or maybe it's a matter of getting acquainted first. If I were starting again and know what was in store, I for one would persevere. Also, she's so easy to talk to you could just ask her for what you want.


In conclusion, I think this delightfully feminine, extremely pretty, friendly young TS with the unruffled nature and trim, well groomed body is just excellent to spend time with and evidently likes to take a good bollicking.



Strangely as we were chatting afterwards the topic turned to 3somes. Her view is she does it but only with two guys, not even with another trainee. Jen's task should she chose to accept it, is to come up with a suitable accomplice. Ahhh, something different for the new year. I shall tender my report in due course.


Source: Naughty Times - November 2010 - TS Jennifer


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