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Barabings - Ana - 18/04/08



Johnnythefox, a seasoned regular for over two years at Barabings has only recently noticed the lovely Ana. We’ve exchanged glances in the corridor a couple of times recently, and her good looks and pretty smile placed her high on my ‘todo' list. So with some spare time on Friday, and after a quick phone call, Johnny’s in for his first massage session with this gem.


We make our way to the room, and Ana’s recalls me face, but not quite sure whether we’ve spent time together before today. I explained that I’m regularly here, but this is our first booking. She actually thanked me for making it for 30mins rather than the 15min special.


Ana’s over 5"8, long dark wavy hair, European-looking, C-Cup boobies (her own words). I’d sum it up by simply stating, she’s got a great sexy figure. Ana gave me a delightful massage, starting on my back and slowly working her way around my body. She’s energetic, sensual, playful, and great company. Throughout the massage we had plenty to discuss, much to the annoyance of Mr Wobbly, who sometimes gets a little distracted through the chit-chat.


Ana knows how to keep you on edge throughout the session, just the right amount of play-time, ensuring you don’t pass the point of no return too early! Halfway thru the session, Ana offered me FS extra, but on this first occasion I was more than pleased to keep it to a great R&T. (I made a promise that I’d definitely be back at a later date).


Ana changed positions throughout the session, a little Spanish, some 69, on top, side by side, continually providing a great massage combined with sensual delights.


Finally it was all too much, Mr Wobbly burst to life and after a quick clean up we lazed about together getting to know one another a little more. (It was a surprise for me to find that Ana had been at Barabings for two years, and I was really excited when I found that she had worked there with Cassie. This WL has a real special place in my heart, and we continue to see each other 2 ½ years later.)


Anyway, Ana is a great girl, and comes highly recommended. See you real soon!






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