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Bedroom Eyes - xx/10/09 - Madeline




I've been looking at Madeline's photos since Bedroom Eyes started up and have never had a chance to book her.


That is, of course, until tonight.

With the news that she is leaving and may not come back, I scrambled to find time to see her. Macy and Alex were accomodating

and managed to book me for tonight before she leaves the country.

I'm not really one for poetry so here's a concise review.


Madeline is a lovely girl. She is a fantastic host and made me feel very welcome. She wastes no time at all and we got to fooling

around quite quickly after my shower.


Her hair was shorter than the photos and perhaps a little lighter but everything else as advertised.

She had D-cups, about 168 cm tall with smooth pale skin.


We got on very well and went to business. Kissing, DATY, BJ, FIP etc.

I was too excited with her BJ skills and had to pull out quickly and blew over her body while I was playing with her pussy.


We took a break chatting and gave each other a quick massage before we started again.

She is pretty responsive and we tried different positions until I came again. Like all the BRE girls I have seen so far,

she really enjoys her work.


All I can say is if you are looking for a good time, you boys in Perth had better see her before she goes.

She is well worth the money.


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