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Amber J Lee (retired) xx/03/08



Hey the lovely Amber J Lee, you are looking so wonderful.....and you taste so good too!!


What a lucky day it was when I met you in an intro at Barabings...way back in Nov 06?? I sought of thought to myself, "hey, what's a nice girl like this, doing in a place like this?" And over a period Of time, I've really discovered just how wonderful you are. You always have this freshness and most lovely way about you. Your'e enthusiuasm, youthfulness, and passion for life makes time spent with you very enjoyable.


Since our first encounter I've continued on an almost weekly trek back to visit you, and can I say, I can think of no better way to spend a lunch break - you're my low fat, hi impact workout, healthy lunch, and you're great for the heart and soul too!


I've read most of your reviews, and would agree with comments from your extensive fan club. Your a great chick, (a real little beach babe) easy on the eyes, a pleasure to hold and fun.


Over the time I've been cuming, I've really enjoyed the conversation, laughter and even the hard times you so often give me.....yes, and I keep coming back for more!! I treasure how you recall past conversations and issues, and always show an interest in me. I'm amazed how you can even recall details of our last booking ---how do you do it?


----The Big Event! -----


So anyway, after our weekly lunchtime ritual, I'm so glad we finally have been able to make a private booking in more luxurious surroundings. You looked awesome in your little black dress, heads turned as you walked into the bar, and I was chuffed to think that you were mine, (at least for a few hours!). After a few drinks, and nibbles, Mr Wobbly kept giving me the hurry up, and it was time to head up to the hotel room, (though personally I was really enjoying the chat and drinks.)


As I unlocked the hotel room door, you really took me by surprise and jumped me as soon as the door was closed. After a quick shower and some water fun, it was across to the king size bed. Your toned and tanned body looked great lying there on the sheets, and you drove me wild as you wrap your lips around Mr Wobbly. I can feel your tongue running over my length, around my balls..You look up at me, I engage your beautiful blue eyes and teasing smile.


I reach for you, and touch your shoulders and arms, encouraging you to spin around. Next thing you're positioned over me, in a 69, and once again I get to taste your lovely. I'm getting close to climax, and I can feel your body rhythms change with the moment. You turn around and face me, laying close side by side, and kiss me eagerly.....We move to missionary, the LAZY DOG, doggy, and some crazy position where our bodies are twisted together. We move together so well, and both enjoy the moment. I notice your hands slip between your legs, and the sight of you gently rubbing yourself takes me over the edge. We melt into each other, before lazing back to share some more champagne and chat.


Times moves quickly, and 2 hours is almost over, and you tempt me to try again....You really know the moves, and what gets me going, because before to long, Mr Wobbly is no longer, and we're into round two. We move off the bed, your lean over, and let me take you standing from behind. You feel great between my hands, both placed on your hips, which from time to time wander to explore your great breasts and pussy. You reach down, betweeen my legs and massage my balls, and after what seems like eternity I once again explode in your warmth.


Another short round of cuddles, chitchat, and massage and it's time for showers and back to reality.


Amber, you are a legend......MMwwahh.


Johnny the fox.


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