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Melbourne Colosseum - JJ - 29/03/08



So it’s Saturday night and after a couple of drinks with a friend in town I decide a quick visit to MCs with a mission to finally catch up with Apple would be a great end to a night. On arrival I find Apple is not in, and it seems like I’m up for a full role call and the opportunity to meet a few ladies.


After wrestling with CBD traffic, I’m desperate for the bathroom and after repeated requests, I’m finally allowed to use the intro room toilets, unfortunatelt the night crew don’t quite know this regular daytime punter.


One my way back, the boss is kind enough to hand me a short black coffee. (Isn’t the coffee great here?) I stop and enjoy the drink, and chat to the Asian guy in charge of the floor. He points out Candy sitting in the lounge, and advises me that she’s a new girl. (Candy III ????) She’s young, very pretty in a red dress, but presently more interested in her mobile phone. I consider booking her, and head to the reception counter. I query Michael about Candy, is she the new Malaysian/Indian girl arriving this week that he had spoke so highly about recently. He advised that JJ is the new girl I was seeking and was available tonight. Based on his recommendation and without an intro I agree on bookng JJ. She promptly arrives at reception, and I’m pleased with what I see.


JJ is mid 20’s, quite tall, say 5’7”, long legs, thin build, dark skin, long hair and a pretty face. She’s wearing a long tight mesh dress, with black g-string and bra showing through. I hadn’t confirmed length of stay, and the boss and JJ agree that one hour would be worthwhile. (At the same time, I’m thinking, just broken my first rule here – book half hour for a trial run, as you can always return for extended time next week).


Anyway, I follow JJ up the stairs to Room 1, her arse looking mighty fine through the dress. We enter the room and I shower, while she sorts out her things. I shower, dry and approach her, she’s still struggling with her clothes trying to get out of the long dress to finally reveal her naked body. Yes her legs are long, great butt, and really small breasts. She has a slightly saggy belly with stretch marks, though the rest of her body is quite toned.


She’s standing there, sort of not knowing what to do next, so I lead her towards the bed. We lay together and try to have a conversation, and I find that her English skills are really poor. It starts out as fun, but it seems if I’m not too careful here, the next hour could be English Lessons at my cost!


So JJ sites aside me, playing and fondling me. She quickly makes Mr Wobbly hard, and continues with great teasing. There’s plenty of licking, sucking, and nibbling. I caress her body, and make a gentle move on her pussy. “Ah, you want 69?” JJ questioned before she moved into position. At first I didn’t think she was keen, but as we got into the session, she seemed to loosen up and enjoy. Her butt and pussy looked great up close.


After a few minutes, her rhythm on my member increased dramatically and I was getting close to cuming. After a few beers, this no doubt would be the end of the night for me, so we changed positions, and with her on her back I continued to work on her pussy a little longer. JJ is fully shaved and quite prickly tonight and I could feel my nose getting a gentle sanding!


She encouraged me to roll over onto my back, and straddled me cowgirl style. After a few minutes, with me still deep inside, JJ amazingly managed to rotate around to reverse cowgirl. She worked me like crazy and again I was close to the edge. Still connected, I’ve brought her back down to lie on top of me, with her facing the ceiling. From here I’m in a little more control, slowing things down a little, and being able to fondle her breasts and pussy.


We progressed to doggy, with lots of pussy sounds, I wasn’t too sure to laugh, or simply ignore. Finally over to missionary, and with JJ’s legs wrapped around me, I rose to my knees lifting her off the bed. This seemed to take her by surprise, but she had no hesitation in joining me, This position seems to take most ladies over the line, I suppose there’s plenty of intense rubbing for the ladies as they slide up and down your shaft. Anyway by this stage iJJ was climaxing, she moved wildly, until we finally collapsed into a heap in a somewhat missionary position to finish off. So after a slow start, it was an enjoyable experience, lasting quite some time, longer than I first thought.


JJ cleaned us both up, then spent what seemed like eternity, fussing around the room, off to the bathroom, into her handbag, lipstick, perfume, mobile phone. Then it was back to the English lessons, with particular details even entered into her notepad.


Me personally, I like connecting with a WL, physically and also in conversation. Last night was very difficult with the communication, though we had a few laughs. JJ did try hard and is willing to learn, and will no doubt be a real treasure as time goes on. Overall a fair punt. Would I be back, yes, but perhaps a few weeks time.



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