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Melbourne Colosseum - Sandy - 02/05/08



Johnnythefox, puts a call out to MCs around lunch time today. Jennifer, answers and promptly recognizes this regular punter, and after a quick chat, gives a role call of the lovely ladies available. Champagne is in and Johnny quickly books this lady of choice. Fifteen minutes later Johnny arrives to find she's not a hundred percent today and is shortly leaving…..Disappointment is in the air, but after an affectionate cuddle and a short black coffee with this delightful lady, Johnny is reassured that there's always next week.


Champagne's a real treasure, and quickly sets about selecting another fine MC lady for Johnny's pleasures. Perhaps Jennifer, or Sandy or there's two new girls……..


Jennifer joins us, while I continue to enjoy the great coffee, she's dressed for reception work today, but half considers a quick romp with young Johnny. She finally settles on giving Johnny a quick head and shoulder massage. All this attention is getting Johnny quite horny, and he decides on backing Champagne's recommendation and books the sultry Sandy.


Sandy promptly appears from behind the curtains, and quickly recognizes Johnnythefox as one of Champagne's regulars. She's looking as great as ever, a black lacy corset with pretty pink bow, g-string and fishnet stockings. Johnny's always wanted to book this fine lady, but with previous reviews always mentioning Sandy's extras, he's kept away. Sandy is petite, size 6, 5' tall, B cup, with long hair. Her pussy is trimmed and tidy with a light soft bed of pubic hair. She's Australian born, with Vietnamese parents. She has a lovely figure, pretty smile and oozes sex appeal.


There's a certain degree of discussion that takes place behind the curtains at MCs, a WL's kind of FIA, perhaps not as sophisticated, but non the less, just as efficient. We enter room 2, and quickly Sandy's discussion turns to my growing reputation at this establishment, - thank goodness it's not half bad. I ask if notes are going to be compared with other ladies post punt, 'off course they are' is Sandy's quick reply.


We chat while I shower, before joining this delightful lady on the bed. Johnny's made a forty five minute booking, so there's time for a little more conversation and opportunity to get to know each other a little. The timing is just perfect, as we move into some action. This lady is sexy, and slowly winds me up with some gentle kisses and touching. She's still in her lovely outfit, and requests Johnny to assist with the disrobing.


There's been no mention of extras today, and I believe Sandy now realises that building a portfolio of repeat is a better strategy. No doubt Sandy will now rise through the ranks at MC and be one of the preferred ladies as she builds her fan base.


Sandy begins a slow and sensuous CBJ, while Johnny massages her breasts and body. She moves up Johnny's body allowing him to suck and fondle her beautiful breasts. Finally she positions herself in front of Johnny allowing him to taste the pleasures of her pussy. After devouring her pussy, Sandy finally mounts me cowgirl style, and I work away frantically from beneath driving her to a second orgasm. We finish in a mish, with mutual climaxes to end a great session.


Sandy cuddles up next to me, and we enjoy each others company for the remaining few minutes before we take a refreshing shower together.


This punt's been a long time coming, and definitely worthy of a follow up one in the next few weeks.





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