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Melbourne Colosseum - Lynn/Lilly - 20/06/08



Johnnythefox normally phones ahead to MC's, but today with little knowledge of who'd be working, Johnny dropped in to try his luck. There's some pretty new faces here, but when Lynn comes out, her energy, laughter and enthusiasm to be booked today signs the deal for a second week in a row. She's only just arrived at work, and seems keen for some action.


She's looking as wonderful as ever, wearing a long tight, lime coloured dress, which reveals her great figure. She's in a real fine mood, and explains to me that she's a little horny. Johnny quickly learns she's running with a new name, Layla, to which I quickly query, "what tricks does Layla do that Lynn does not?". It seems that Layla may just be the horny side of this one!


Once showered, the radio is pumping out some music and we meet on the bed for some great cuddles and foreplay. She kisses my nipples, bites me gently on the arm, rubs my manhood, and rubs her firm body against mine. She's either more relaxed, being our third booking, or perhaps she is a little horny today. Much to Lynn's amazement, Mr Wobbly doesn't need much enticement today, and he's immediately sprung into action.


Off course all bookings, it's a case of YMMV, but today Lynn provides a great CBJ, teases me, a little out of reach, before Johnny enquires about what's for lunch today. Lynn promptly straddles me '69, and we treat each other to some oral delicacies. We meet side by side, and slip into a lazy dog, and screw in this position for ages. She cuddles up closely, nuzzling her face into my neck, her long hair flowing over my face. She then rolls to her side, and I take her from behind, kissing and rubbing her back, neck and breasts.


We move to mish, and I lift her from the bed, wrapping her legs around me…..Oh Johnny loves this position, and again this lovely lady goes off this way...there's even half a kiss or two shared during this intimate moment. We collapse together, remaining engaged for some time, before finally parting.


Last time we met, we spent the remaining time having a quiet cuddle, but today she was keen to provide a massage, and considering my right shoulder was rather tense, the offer was keenly accepted. Johnny was also keen to return the favour, and whilst embraced in a tight cuddle, he firmly massages Lynn's neck and shoulders. The buzzer sounds, and it's time to head back to the reality of work, and we shower together and chat while we dress. Today was definitely our best session yet and interestingly Lynn disappears with the dirty linen and doesn't return to the room for a proper goodbye. I had slipped a $50 into my shirt pocket for a small tip, but the girl had gone and unfortunately missed out, and as I wandered down stairs and past the curtains, I could hear her chatting away to Yim.


The mystery continues, the Fox will return.





"if you never never go, you'll never never know"


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