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Melbourne Colosseum - Lynn/Lilly - 12/06/08



Johnnythefox first booked the beautiful Lynn just over six weeks ago, and since then has pondered a return punt. How would round two compare to the previous booking? Johnny's still somewhat of a 'newbie' but has quickly discovered that repeat visits can really lead to some interesting punting experiences. JTF has a little on his mind today, and totally fails to notice Lyn's outfit, though when she appears from behind the curtain, she looks as hot as always, this is one very attractive lady.

I shower, but before I join Lynn on the bed, much to my surprise a serious discussion takes place on the expectations and exclusions on today's activities. Has Johnny reputation risen to this level, or perhaps Lynn's been busy researching us punters? I quickly explain my belief in YMMV and with this out of the way, we engage in some great cuddles and gentle touching. Lynn relaxes as Johnny touches her body, and licks and sucks her great breasts. I straddle her and lick her nipples, slowly moving down towards her pretty pussy. Her legs are still together, and as Johnny nudges around her neatly trimmed bush, he politely asks for approval before slipping his tongue into her delight (as last visit DATY was not on offer).


Johnny rolls onto his back, and Lyn's quick to provide a great CBJ. Lynn jumps on me, and gently I slide inside her, she feels great up close and tight as she moves her body up and down. What a feeling it would be to be plant a kiss on her beautiful lips, but it's a safe bet that this is never on the cards. We move to a spooning position, a little mish and Johnny slowly drives this girl home. Lynn holds me close, and after a couple of minutes, begins to push me harder, and we finally climax together.


We lay together afterwards, Lyn's really relaxed and perhaps a little tired. Johnny gives this gorgeous girl a gently massage and body rub, and Lynn lies back in my arms, seemingly without a care in the world. With ten minutes to go, we spend the remaining time this way.






"if you never never go, you'll never never know"


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