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Melbourne Colosseum - Helen - 28/03/08



Oh I'm so lucky to have one of my best clients in South Melbourne! So between appointments today, I had a spare hour, so a big decision to be made, do I sit in a Café and drink latte, or make a visit to MC's which is 5 mins down the road?


Of course, punters, the decision was easy!


The objective today was the lovely Helen, though having seen her three times earlier this year, I thought a refresher was in order to make a decent review for FIA. A quick check of the time, and I realize I can actually squeeze in 45 mins which would allow a little more time to get to know the lady.


Helen is a young lady, in her early 20's and of Asian heritage, Malay? perhap a little Chinese. Like many of the WL's in MC she is on tour from Sydney. Her English is good and she is easy to talk to. She use to work nights, but prefers the daytime clientele, as they are more mature, nor boozed as the night owls.


Helen is petite, perhaps size 8? and in great shape. I missed her earlier in the week as she had a gym class prior work! She has long hair, past her shoulders, a very pretty face and lovely smile. She has this kind of innocence and shyness about her, but I found her to easily open up affectionately in private.


Today she looked absolutely smashing in a short, body tight yellow skirt, and matching top. Her breasts are larger than you would expect for her body size, but are treat to look and touch, from all accounts they appear to be natural, or perhaps one of the best jobs I've seen!


It's a busy afternoon at MCs, and for the first time it's way down the hallway to room 4. We both have showers, and Helen joins me on the bed for some tantalizing touching, kissing and rubbing. She's quite sexy today and very sensual in her ways and her touch. After plenty of teasing, Mr Wobbly raises to the occasion and it's time for some CBJ. I explore her body with hands, and she roll to the side for a 69'er. We move again to an upside down 69, and continue with the indulgence. Helen's got a great pussy, interesting one – as it's darker than most, unshaven but neatly trimmed (she mentioned she's seriously considering going bald, perhaps next tour).


We have a great time today, extended missionary, spooning, doggy, finishing of with Helen on top. Her energy level as she climaxed was amazing, and after we were both finished, she collapsed on my chest and cuddled for a few minutes. Helen maintained eye contact throughout the session. Afterwards we spent the remaining minutes on small talk, and Helen even had a few rehearsed jokes to share!


From discussions with Helen, she enjoys her work and in her own words, advised me that she is in the business of selling sex, and not just her body. She'll go the distance if there is a connection. I've never discuss the offerings or service before hand, and tend to make an effort to please the WL. Yes, sometimes I've been dissappointed, but on the whole, prefer to let a little chemistry take it's course.


Overall ratings:-

Looks/body 9/10

Personality 8/10

Service 8/10


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