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The Grosvenor -Eve -22/05/08



What a great day, actually they all are --- but today Johnnythefox is enjoying life in beautiful Melbourne, and has shared a great lunch and wonderful bottle of wine with two new mates at a sidewalk café in funky Fitzroy. A few hours are then spent lazing around meetings and retreating behind strong coffee, before finally catching this lovely lady for a couple of hours in the EVEning.


Johnny's only booked Eve once before, but she provides such a great connection and is such an easy girl to be around, and she's easy on the eye too. She's looking rather hot in a super short black dress, which clings tightly to her great figure. We make our way to the room, and catch up, as it has been a few weeks since our last encounter. Johnny booked Eve on her last tour (Review 20/4/08) and immediately on her announcement of her current tour, Johnny took the initiative, called The G, and booked weeks in advance.


The EVEning began with an extended session of great kissing and foreplay. With time on our side, the slow start to our session was ideal. Mr Wobbly quickly rises to the occasion and together we enjoy a round of oral pleasures. Eve keeps little Johnny on the edge for ages, before we get down to some great punting, coming together face to face in mish position.


With a two hour session there's plenty of time to hang out, have some playtime, before getting back into a second round. Johnny's skills at DATY are on the improve and he's pretty chuffed with himself as Eve lays back pleading for more. We finish with some great sex, moving through a variety of positions, before collapsing together for a final cuddle before the buzzer sounds. We slowly disengage, tidy up and shower, the buzzer sounds for the second time but we're nowhere near sorted.


Johnny had been looking forward to tonight's booking with Eve for a few weeks, and really has had a blast tonight. Perhaps there's another chance for a brief return later this tour, else he'll have to wait another four weeks for her in June when she returns.


For those Victorian FIA'sters who haven't yet visited Eve, do yourself a favour and get down and see her while she's in town.





"if you never never go, you'll never never know"


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