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Cherry Blossums - Gracie - 27-08-08



Well punters, it's been a few weeks since JohnnyTheFox has posted a review. Yes, JTF has been punting, keeping good company with a couple of his favourite ladies, some previously reviewed, some others preferring not to be reviewed.


So Johnny's taken Nifty999 recommendation and dropped by CBs for an intro with Gracie. On the first visit, the intro room is standing room only, and Gracie is just about to head into a booking. Johnny's first impressions, is that this girl is a gem, but considering the traffic, he decides to return next week. As with all punts YMMV, but treat this lady right and I'm sure you're on a winner.


Booking #1

On return, Gracie remembers me from our brief intro the week before and seems happy that I've returned. As with most intro punts, Johnny books for 30 mins, but shortly into the booking he quickly realizes that an hour or more would have been an even better decision.


Nifty's review decribes Gracie, so I won't worry too much about her details in this review.


Gracie kisses me in the room, and then joins me in the shower to assist in a sensual body wash. We dry and join each other on the bed, and enjoy each others body. There's plenty of kissing, before she moves to a BBBJ. She climbed on my chest, and straddled my face with her pussy, before finishing in a 69er. Gracie has these great perky little tits with really firm nipples which are really quite sensitive.


Gracie slipped a rubber on Mr Wobbly, then mounted me cowgirl, and frantically grinded me into submission. Never has Johnny met a lady who moves so quick, her tiny frame pounded me away with frightening pace. We came together, and collapsed on the bed, before cleaning up and finishing with a cuddle and embrace. We finished the booking with a shower together.


Booking #2

Wow, after such a great booking with Gracie yesterday, Johnny couldn't help but return the following day to visit for an hour. She was really stoked to see me again, and on entering the room, we cuddled and kissed before a shower together.


Gracie was keen to practice her massage skills. While Johnny is not that excited about a massage, he willing obliged, Johnny couldn't help but reciprocate the massage and worked over her shoulders, back, buttocks, arms and legs. She was relaxed and enjoyed the rub. She rolled over on to her back, and allowed me to caress her great body. Her legs parted and revealed her pussy which was slowly but eagerly devoured by Johnny. Gracie closed her eyes, and gently came as Johnny practiced his DATY skills.


On with a condom, and we screwed in a variety of positions finally coming together in lazy dog. Whilst the first booking was great, the follow up punt was more passionate, sensual and wonderful. Gracie is about until the end of the month, and is really worth a visit.





"if you never never go, you'll never never know"


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