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Jenny @ RLR. Released March 2009



I was driving around and in the mood for a shag. Was close to Club 8 so headed there first. Both babes were busy so I left and went around the corner to RLR.


There are 5 gals working but only 2 of them are available. First up is Amy - slim, attractive and wearing pink. Barely a word from her which doesn't help her cause getting picked. Jenny pops in with a smile. She's Korean, 25ish, approx 5'8 and about a 12C. She's wearing a low-low cut, black, one-piece number. It suits here dark brown hair and really shows her assets and fab curves. Mamasan warned me about these and she wasn't wrong. She seemed nice and friendly and got the gig - $110 for the half hour.


Into the room, showered and she walks in. Start off with fondling and nipple kissing and body slides on the front. Jenny would look at me with a smile and I couldn't help but notice how attractive and alluring her face was. After some time Jenny starts a CBJ. It was nice but nothing flash. I motion for her to turn over as I head south for DATY. She got a shock when I started because it wasn't actually on the menu. I kinda guessed it so it was no deal breaker.


Jenny gets back to work and it's time for a shag. I hop on top for some mish varying the pace and angles until we brought it all home. Massage to finish off with which was fab. The hand massage was divine.


All up not a bad little punt. Wasn't expecting fuller service on this occasion and given the ad-hoc nature of the trip, left content and satisfied.


Thanks for listening


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