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Tanya @ MC. Released February 2009



It was a hot day in Melbourne yet again and I thought I'd catch a bite to eat at Melbourne Colosseum. I was there recently but ended up at LFG. Gotta share the love I always say, so off I went.


Two punters were ahead of me which always deflates me a bit. Nevertheless I enter with confidence. Madam buzzes me through the door as the parade starts.


There were 5 WLs on offer and most were fab on the eye. In the end it came down to two WLs: Kitty and Tanya. I opted for the new girl Tanya.


Tanya intro'd well and had a genuinely friendly personality rather than feigning interest just to secure the punt. She was also very, very good looking which always helps. So do cute pink outfits. I didn't ask about kissing and DATY and I knew my chances were borderline lucky at best in this establishment. It didn't matter to me on this occasion though as I just went with the flow. At $110 for 30 minutes, kissing and DATY as non extras would have been bonuses.


Tanya is from Thailand and has been in Australia for 9 months. Her English was quite good and I didn't have any communication issues. She stands at 5'4ish, shoulder length brown hair, would be size 8 and perky little size Bs. Loved her face which was very attractive and suited her bubbly personality. When asked she said she was 30 then giggled it down to 25. This was consistent with my initial assessment of 25ish.


Tanya and I headed up to the Nero room. It was huge, very well appointed and had everything. Popped in the shower and waited for the show to begin.


Started of with a quick massage at my request. Tanya felt very cosy on my derierre as she relaxed me and proceeded with some body sliding and exploration. Was gentle and soft and OK but not out of this trippy world.


Turned over for some nipple and body kissing and more fondling. Very soft and smooth to the touch plus a great ass from my view. Rolled Tanya on her back after a while as I commenced to shower her with kisses of my own. Headed south to her neatly groomed pussy but was not allowed to engage in DATY. I knew this might be the case today (without paying extra) and I didn't push my luck.


Progressed to a CBJ which was very pleasurable. Soft and deep and intense. When she looked up at me with her eyes it was one of Kodak moments that I love. Had to slow her down a bit as she was doing such a good job.


Moved to mish mode next which I really enjoy. She made all the right motions and noises without going over the top but hey, what do I know - I am just a male. Went through a few variations until we reached a natural conclusion.


Overall, a pleasant and satisfying shag. I liked Tanya who put in a solid little performance.


Thanks for listening


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