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Tina @ LFG. Released February 2009



I had the punting urge on this particular day and something had to be done. Something!


First stop was TOT at lunchtime. Two WLs were available and called to the catwalk. It was all a blur from here as they popped their heads through corridor, gave their names and disappeared. That was my queue to leave as I went next door to MC. This time 5 WLs were on offer this time as I watched the next runway show. Some were stunning but again, no real intros and opportunity to discuss services on offer. On this basis I departed and returned back to work. While slightly despondent my modus operandi is “I want to know what I am getting when I book someone”.


Left work early and popped into LFG. The place has not let me down yet. Was greeted by the lovely Sue who told me there were two WLs on offer - Tina and Kelly. She asked me to go to the intro room and brought me an OJ as I waited. While waiting I contemplated my personnel dilemma. Do I go for Tina, who I have experienced or do some tripping with a new girl?


Tina was first to appear and my mind was made up then and there. I told Tina the news and asked her to pass on my apologies to Kelly for not even seeing her. Yeah, maybe in hindsight I could have had a perve but at the time I thought what's the point as my mind was made up. Paid the dues as we made our way upstairs. Tina got the towels ready and left me to get ready and shower.


Tina, for the record, is Australian, 40-ish, about 5'8, medium lenghth dark hair, slim with B cups. No extra charge for DFK and DATY but YMMV.


Started with nice DFK as we manoeuvred ourselves to the bed before settling for a quick massage. This gave us the opportunity to catch up since my last visit and engage in some banter. We then proceeded to bodily familiarisation and exploration with DFK throughout. Headed south as I re-acquainted myself with Tina's sweet scent and balsamic taste. She was freshly waxed and so smooth. I lavished her up.


Tina then turned her attention to me. No CBJ required as her caressing and lube-ing was very sensual. With hard-on achieved on came the condom for the main course. Went into mish from here and stayed there – various pace and positions – until the deed was done and my tingling finally gone. Ah, I was cured. The little time that was left was spent massaging and chatting.


I had a great time with this WL yet again and I can see why other punters have their regulars. The relationship becomes more personalised, it evolves and makes for trippier times. Notwithstanding, punting monogamy is not in my tarot cards - I will cheat on her while she will inevitably cheat on me But I will be back for some unfinished business with this WL to deal with unfinished matters that emerged through our conversation. Not to mention LFG cos I do love the place


Thanks for listening


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