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Delilah @ LFG. Released January 2009.



Delilah reminds me a bit of Yvonne “Lily Munster” De Carlo She has that warmth and alluring sensuality about her. I had intro’d her before on previous trips to LFG but was yet to pick her. Delilah is a brunette, curvy, mature, friendly gal with heaps of tatts and piercings. On my last visit she was very close to getting a spin on the turntable but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Until now.


We found ourselves in the huge suite upstairs - the one with the round bed. Before the action starts we do some chatting. I am admiring all her tatts and piercings and getting a history lesson about her artwork.


The body stroke play and body kissing soon commences with some tongue kissing happening simultaneously. I eventually make my way down to find the oasis in the desert. And what a sweet smelling, moist and pierced oasis it is. It’s no mirage, that’s for sure. It's a thirst quencher as I dine at the Y for what seems like an eternal bliss.


Delilah then proceeds with CBJ as she manoeuvres herself for some 69. This goes on for quite a while. When all is ready, Delilah adjusts her positioning for some cowgirl action. We vary the pace at times and positions to finally bring it all home.


I'm not usually a big fan of tatts to be honest but the tatts and piercings somehow made it more sensual – an extension of this wonderful and memorable WL.


Thanks for listening

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Delilah , Dee Dee, Simone . I have very fond memories of one of the legends of the industry.

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